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On the launchpad...

The Learstar A1 is a stock craft that uses the Spaceplane Plus parts and was added into KSP 0.25. It resembles the Space Shuttle or Buran. It is one of the three space shuttles included in stock.

Craft Description

SSTO is overrated, payload capability and comfortable seats are all the rage these days.



In 0.25 and 0.90, the Learstar had 6.4 km/s of delta-V when empty, or enough capacity to lift about 40 tons into low Kerbin orbit. In 1.0, it had 5.9 km/s of delta-V when empty, or enough capacity to lift about 75 tons into LKO. (The reduction in delta-V was outweighed by the reduction in delta-V required to make LKO by the aerodynamic update.)

It is recommended to tweak the thrust of the orbiter's main engines to 60% and tweak down the thrust of the Kerbodyne KR-2L engine at the bottom of the large fuel tank during the flight as fuel is being drawn from the tank.


For 1.0, all of the engines' thrust and specific impulses were adjusted to balance them against the improved aerodynamics. To compensate, its S1 SRB-KD25k solid rocket boosters were doubled.