Gus Kerman

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Gus Kerman
Gus in Department Meeting
Gus in Department Meeting
Occupation: Head of Operations

Gus Kerman is the head of Space Program Operations.


Gus Kerman is head of Space Program Operations and all-around repairs guy whenever something around here breaks down, and he's the reason why all our pods have windows.


The original description for Gus read "[w]e hope nothing catches fire while he's here." This was thought to be a rather dark reference to Gus Grissom, one of the astronauts killed in the Apollo 1 fire. Squad had forgotten who had written it or why, but for 1.2, the description was changed to "and he's the reason why all our pods have windows," to refer to Grissom's insistence (and the insistence of the other Mercury 7 astronauts) that the Mercury capsule ("That is a spacecraft, sir. We do not refer to it as a 'capsule'. Spacecraft.") have a window (and full pilot control in general). A dramatized depiction of the "discussion" may be see in this clip from The Right Stuff.