Mortimer Kerman

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Mortimer Kerman
Mortimer in Department Meeting
Mortimer in Department Meeting
Occupation: Finances guy

Mortimer Kerman is the KSP Financial representative. He is the only Kerbal to have wrinkles, which most likely means he is one of the older Kerbals. Although this is not "canon", it is highly suggested that Mortimer is also the administrator of the Kerbal Space Program.


He's an accountant, called Mortimer. He doesn't have many friends, but he likes things to be under control and arranged in right angles. This job is pretty stressful for him.


Mortimer's name may be a reference to the movie character Mortimer Duke, one of the two antagonists in the movie Trading Places, who is the head of the financial firm Duke & Duke. As the accountant of the Kerbal Space Center, he serves a similar role.



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