Kirrim Kerman

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Kirrim Kerman
Semi-official character; seen in-game as a randomly generated Kerbal
Semi-official character; seen in-game as a randomly generated Kerbal
Occupation: Kerbonaut
KSC ID#: 0007
Badass No

Kirrim Kerman is a semi-official character seen in an official Squad promo trailer titled "Selection Process". Kirrim appears briefly, having a mishap with an automatically extending flag which breaks the lights in the testing room, causing the camera to switch to nightvision. He is also a star of several YouTube videos, going by the name of "Special Agent Kirrim".


Kirrim Kerman is likely a nod by Squad to “Special Agent Kirrim” – a character invented by KSP fan and YouTuber Danny2462. Danny introduced his character in his video "Messing Around in Kerbal Space Program 3" on 29 July 2012, a year before Squad's "Selection Process" video (24 July 2013). Given Kirrim's name and personality values (Courage and Stupidity), it's very likely he began as a randomly generated Kerbonaut who Danny happened to turn into a character.

Danny featured S.A. Kirrim in several videos[1][2] in which he was a spy much like James Bond with exotic vehicles and dangerous missions. Other fan videos reinforced this parallel.[3] Squad's depicting an applicant named Kirrim Kerman with the designation #0007 in the Selection Process likely plays on secret agent James Bond's code number "007", which again squares with Danny's Special Agent Kirrim. At one of Danny's Kirrim Videos, Danny put out a link which is a. zip file including Kirrim's .SFS Configuration File.

YouTube History

First Appearance

Kirrim first starred in the opening sequence of Danny2462's video "Messing Around In Kerbal Space Program 3". In the clips, Kirrim was seen performing stunts on a jet named "Wasp". He first successfully tries to stand on the top of the cockpit during flight. However, Kirrim pops in the next two stunts. These brief appearances made him popular with fans, which caused Danny to develop him into a character.

Early Missions

S.A. Kirrim was featured in "Special Agent Kirrim" only months after his first appearance. In the video, Kirrim has the tasks of testing out advanced and explosive technology for his agent needs. Using the old car parts, Kirrim tried to test an agent-worthy car. However, its multiple safety issues made it fatal to practice stunts or keep in control. The propulsion systems were abandoned and replaced with missiles. However, Kirrim turned out to lack proper aim, despite his high courage stat.

After the car failures, Kirrim was sent to test a newly made submarine. Early tests sent the sub dozens of meters below sea level, but low fuel made it impossible to reach the seafloor. More powerful engines were implemented, despite attacks from the Wormhole Kraken. The constant setbacks, however, didn't make success impossible, as Kirrim was able to pilot the sub to Kerbin's seafloor. But that test nearly cost the agent his life. Kirrim was rescued offscreen and sent to his next test: The Drop Pod test.

Death and Revival

The Drop Pod tested proved to be successful in only a few tries. Next, Kirrim was sent to a chasm on the Mun, where a "Mun Cannon" was waiting to be tested.

In testing of a vessel, Kirrim was ejected and went into EVA mode, and subsequently splashed into the Ocean. The video ended at this point. In some time the sequel was released and Kirrim is brought back to life by save file editing. In the same video he dies again by a crash-landing into Gilly.



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