Walt Kerman

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Walt Kerman
Walt in Department Meeting
Walt in Department Meeting
Occupation: PR representative

Walt Kerman is the KSP representative of Public Relations. He is the only Kerbal depicted as having stubble. When using the Mission Builder Tool that was added with the Making History expansion pack, he is identified as "PR Kerman". PR is likely meant to represent the term public relations, which is the department he represents in the Administration Building. On the 0.25 update cover, it appears as if Walt only has a fraction of a tooth in his mouth (as Kerbals only have two teeth). This is most likely the result of a public relations "accident". Walt's name may be a reference to Walter Cronkite, a broadcaster who worked for CBS news and was known for broadcasting and commentating on the Apollo launches. His hazmat suit as well as his name may be an unintentional reference to Walter White, the protagonist of Breaking Bad.


Walt Kerman is the spokesperson for the Space Program. He wears a hazmat suit. Which isn't strictly required for his job, but it seems appropriate for someone working in such a toxic environment.



  • In the video "A True History of Flight: Part 2!", it is said that Walt Kerman has a mortal fear of Giant Robotic Death Spiders From Duna. Later, it said that he wrote informative pamphlets about the dangers of the Robotic Spiders and tips for Kerbals to protect themselves from their invasions. The credibility of this is slim to none.


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