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A Minmusa Kerbin kisebbik holdja. A Kerbinről vagy a Münről nézve, csak egy ciánszínű folt amely enyhén függőlegesen remeg. Ez forgása távoli megfigyelésének eredménye. Közelről világos színben pompázó jeges lankák, nagy hegyek és befagyott tavak látszanak. A legmagasabb pontja több mint 5.7 km-re emelkedik. Több delta-v szükséges a Minmus eléréséhez mint a Münéhez, de a leszállás a felszínre sokkal könnyebb, valamint a felemelkedés is kevesebb üzemanyagot igényel.

Játékbeli leírás

A Minmus a Kerbin kisebb holdja. A Kerbin felszínéről tiszta napokon látható, mint egy aprócska kék pötty az égen.

Gyakran tévesen azt hiszik, hogy piszok a teleszkóp lencsén vagy pixelhiba egy de a Kerbál Csillagász Közösség legfőbb elméi biztosítanak minket arról hogy az egy valódi hold, és nem kevesebb.

Kerbál Csillagász Közösség

Pályajellemzők [Orbital characteristics]

Minmus orbits Kerbin at a continuous altitude of 46,400,000 meters and takes approximately 920 m/s Δv to transfer to from low Kerbin orbit. The synodic period from Kerbin's surface is 14 days, 3 hours and 1 second (1,220,401 seconds). A synchronous orbit around Minmus is possible at an altitude of 357,94 km.

It is important to be careful when attempting to return to Kerbin from Minmus, as Minmus' high orbit makes it very easy to escape Kerbin's sphere of influence entirely. However, this means that a base on or in orbit around Minmus would make a convenient refueling station for vessels leaving the Kerbin system.

Felszíni hőmérséklet [Surface Temperature]

Calculation of the expected surface temperature for Minmus, using received energy from Kerbol, with the Stefan-Boltzmann Law for the radiated power gives a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius. Whilst this is lower than the measured value, it lends support to the theory that Minmus is a captured comet. It could not have formed at its present location but has an albedo high enough to prevent catastrophic sublimation of its icy composition. A high salt content, if present, would also slow the sublimation process.

This value of temperature was calculated using: An emissivity of 0.9 (close to but lower than compacted ice), an albedo of 0.6 (close to but lower than the real ice moon Europa), and the luminosity of 3 yotta watts for Kerbol. If the same calculation is performed for Kerbin with typical Earth values of emissivity and albedo, a temperature of positive 15 degrees Celsius is obtained.

Tájleírás [Topography]

Minmus has very divergent elevations. Plateaus at around 5 km high are matched by "Flats" at datum altitude (0 m). Much of the surface is transitional lowlands and highlands. With verzió 0.23, there are now 9 biomes.

The various "Flats" are almost perfectly flat and believed to have once been the site of liquid lakes. Minmus also has some mesas, one of which is near Minmus's north pole, that are so high compared to Minmus' sphere of influence that they count as "in orbit" according to the navigation tools. Unless the player manually switches the navball to Surface mode, this makes landing on these plateaus challenging, as the direction marker and speed will not automatically correct for the rotation of the surface.

For most landings which are not on a plateau or in a lake, the touchdown altitude is usually between 2000 m and 2500 m.

Jumping on this moon will make the kerbonaut ascend 10 m from the ground.

Taking a Surface Sample from Minmus says that it is a "crystalline substance, definitely not edible".

Tájegységek [Biomes]

Biome map

A Minmus felszínén több tájegység található és mindegyik különböző tudományos eredményt hoz:

  • Felvidék [Highlands]
  • Középvidék [Midlands]
  • Mélyföldek [Lowlands]
  • Lejtők [Slopes]
  • Kisebb síkságok [Lesser Flats]
  • Síkságok [Flats]
  • Nagy Síkságok [Great Flats]
  • Nagyobb Síkságok [Greater Flats]
  • Sarkvidékek [Poles]

Tudomány [Science]

Although the science-multipliers of Minmus's surface and orbit are quite low compared to that of other planets and moons (but a little higher than Mun), Minmus is comparably easy to reach and to return from and has a very large number of biomes which all yield different science results. This makes it - together with Mun - the main source of science points during the midgame.

Időléptékezés [Reference Frames]

Időlépték Legkisebb magasság
5× 3 000 m
10× 3 000 m
50× 6 000 m
100× 12 000 m
1 000× 24 000 m
10 000× 48 000 m
100 000× 60 000 m


Érdekességek [Trivia]

  • The name "Minmus" may be derived from the Latin word “minimus”, which denotes the smallest member of a group of beings or creatures. Minmus is the smallest member of the Kerbin system.
  • It's also possible that Minmus is named after Saturn's moon Mimas.
  • Minmus is also the name for the fifth and smallest toe on the foot.[idézet szükségeltetik]
  • It is possible to land and takeoff from Minmus with the EVA jetpack at 100% fuel.
  • If 2HOT Thermometer is used on surface, it shows a temperature of -0.007, which is just enough for water to freeze.
  • If SC-9001 Science Jr. is used near or on Minmus in career mode, it will state that its test samples start to glow due to radiation. This might cause Minmus to have a higher temperature than Mun.
  • Most, if not all, crew reports and EVA reports, along with other experiments, may mention something about Minmus looking like a minty dessert, this may be a reference to the colour “Magic Mint” made by the Crayola company in 1990, and the colour itself looks almost exactly like that of Minmus's surface, this relation may be intentional, however it may just be a coincidence.

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