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Type Role Parent Subtemplate
lfe Liquid fuel engine Engine {{Infobox/Part/reaction engine}}
mpe Monopropellant engine
srb Solid rocket booster {{Infobox/Part/solid fuel engine}}
je Jet engine {{Infobox/Part/jet engine}}
ie Ion engine {{Infobox/Part/ion engine}}
lft Liquid fuel tank FuelTank {{Infobox/Part/tank}}
mpt Monopropellant tank
xgt Xenon gas tank
sas Stability Augmentation System Command {{Infobox/Part/SAS}}
rw Reaction wheel {{Infobox/Part/torque}}
cm Command module {{Infobox/Part/command module}}
cp Cockpit
pod Command pod
ant2 Deployed Science Cargo {{Infobox/Part/antenna}}
sen2 {{Infobox/Part/power usage}}, {{Infobox/Part/deployed science}}
gen2 {{Infobox/Part/power generator}}
sto2 {{Infobox/Part/inventory}}
cyl Cylinder Robotics (n/a)
rot Rotor (n/a)
ser Servo (n/a)
hin Hinge (n/a)
pco Robotic controller (n/a)
eng Engine (n/a)
lab Laboratory Science {{Infobox/Part/laboratory}}
arm Scanning arm {{Infobox/Part/scanner arm}}
sto Experiment Storage (n/a)
tel Telescope {{Infobox/Part/sensor}}
exp Environmental sensor
rcs (instead of re) Reaction Control System Utility {{Infobox/Part/reaction engine}}, {{Infobox/Part/thrust vectors}}
re (deprecated)
ant Antenna {{Infobox/Part/antenna}}
int Air intake {{Infobox/Part/air intake}}
dec Decoupler {{Infobox/Part/separator}}
sep Separator
dp Docking port (n/a)
cb Cargo bay (n/a)
sb Service bay (n/a)
chu Parachute {{Infobox/Part/parachute}}
lad Ladder {{Infobox/Part/ladder}}
leg Landing leg (n/a)
lan (deprecated) Landing gear and leg (n/a)
lig Electric light {{Infobox/Part/electric usage}}
gea Landing gear Wheel (n/a)
rov Rover wheel {{Infobox/Part/rover wheel}}
nc Nose cone Aero (n/a)
cs Control surface {{Infobox/Part/control surface}}
hs Heat shield {{Infobox/Part/heat shield}}
fr Fairing (n/a)
pro Propeller (n/a)
fsh Fan shroud (n/a)
win Wing {{Infobox/Part/lifting surface}}
let Winglet {{Infobox/Part/winglet}}
bat Battery Electrical {{Infobox/Part/energy storage}}
gen Generator {{Infobox/Part/generator}}
pan Solar panel {{Infobox/Part/solar panel}}
fc Fuel cell Resources {{Infobox/Part/converter}}
sca Scanner (not yet)
ot Ore tank {{Infobox/Part/tank}}
dri (instead of rh) Resource harvester (not yet)
rh (deprecated)
con Converter {{Infobox/Part/converter}}
str Strut Structural (n/a)
ada Adapter {{Infobox/Part/adapter}}
grp Grip pad (n/a)
hab Habitation module None {{Infobox/Part/crew}}
rad Radiator Thermal {{Infobox/Part/radiator}}