Bobak Kerman

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Bobak Kerman
Not seen in-game; only in promo trailers
Not seen in-game; only in promo trailers
Occupation: Mission Controller (semi-official)

Bobak Kerman is a semi-official character seen working beside Gene Kerman in KSC Mission Command in an official Squad promo trailer titled “At the Kerbal Space Center”.[1] Bobak does not appear in the Mission Control building. He also appears for the Asteroid Redirect Mission trailer where he is working next to Gene Kerman.[2]

Bobak Kerman's personality is depicted as more animated than his colleague Gene, at one point knocking over computer monitors when a mission goes slightly catastrophic.

Real-world parallels

Bobak Kerman is a deliberate homage to modern day NASA scientist Bobak Ferdowsi. This was announced on Squad's official KSP Twitter page.[3] Much like the white vests worn for each mission by Gene Kerman's likely inspiration Gene Kranz, for each mission Ferdowsi wore a different hairstyle (the result of a team vote). Ferdowsi gained notoriety after the mohawk he sported during the televised Curiosity rover mission caught media and internet attention, showing a cooler and edgier image of NASA scientists.



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