Ravenspear Mk3

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Ravenspear Mk3 on the runway

The Ravenspear Mk3 is a middle-sized high-speed stock plane. Albeit in its description it is called a "spaceplane", but it hasn't got any rocket engines like its cousins.

Its canard concept airframe design ensures adequate maneuverability, powered by two TurboJet Engines, making it capable to reach high speed and altitude - but its air intakes don't supply enough intake air at very high altitudes causing spin-offs due to flame-outs. Although it cannot leave the atmosphere, it carries full RCS.

The Ravenspear Mk3 on the runway (1.0.5)

Craft Description

The Ravenspear Mk3 is a longer-range high-altitude spaceplane, with a novel wing geometry that provides large amounts of lift at high altitudes.
It is capable of sub-orbital flights, which makes it a decent test platform for high-altitude experimental engines and other such sciency things.