Bug-E Buggy Rover

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Bug-E Buggy on the runway(1.1)

Bug-E Buggy is an unmanned rover which can be fitted into the Rover + Skycrane craft found in the VAB. It cannot fit inside MK3 cargo bays without editing the craft as it's wheels are too wide for the ramp.

Craft Description

Bug-E is built to boldly go where no Kerman has gone before... EZ Attach Decoupler Included for quick integration to transport Vehicle. Warranty Void if used at nighttime.


Rover with lights on
Back of the rover with extended anntenae


The craft is an 8-wheeled rover similar to the Rover and skycrane craft. It is solar-powered and will run out of electricity during nighttime which means missions can only be done between Nautical twilight,where Kerbol is 12° degrees below horizon; as the energy will deplete quickly after sundown. Furthermore, the energy used by the Illuminator Mk1 will drastically drain the energy from the rover, making missions when Kerbol is down quite difficult.