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Beta release
Released 7/24/2013
Announcement KSP 0.21 is Here!
0.20.2 0.21.1

Version 0.21 was released on 24th October 2014.


Space Center Scene

  • The Space Center scene now uses the same terrain as in flight.
  • Time now passes in the Space Center scene, and day/night is consistent with in-flight.
  • The game terrain persists across scene transitions, making loading scenes much faster.


  • Completely overhauled the interior models for the VAB and SPH buildings, complete with animated trucks and cargo lifts.
  • All-new exterior models for the VAB, SPH and Tracking Station.
  • New Astronaut Complex building.
  • Added a description field where you can write up a few lines to describe your space-faring contraptions.

Crew Management

  • It is now possible to assign crew manually to missions before launch, both from the Construction Facilities and from Launch Sites.
  • Added completely new Launch Dialogs on the Runway and Launchpad at the Space center.
  • The new Astronaut Complex dialog allows you to hire crews from a list of Applicants, and view the status of all your crewmembers.
  • Revised the crew handling game logic, for a much more reliable and robust system.

SAS Modules

  • Rewrote the SAS control logic from the ground up.
  • SAS is now enabled for the entire vessel, and requires actuators like winglets, RCS or others to actually have an effect.
  • Repurposed the old SAS modules are now Reaction Wheel Modules, that apply torque while consuming electricity.
  • The new SAS logic allows applying manual input while SAS is on, letting you set the ship's attitude without having to constantly toggle it.

Procedural Terrain

  • Added a new module to generate craters procedurally on the Mun.
  • Largely revised Kerbin's terrain to produce much more interesting mountains, hills, valleys and coastlines.

Flight Re-Flow

  • Removed the physically-impossible "End Flight" button.
  • Added new options to "Revert" a mission back to launch or to construction.
  • Added new 'Recover' button on the Tracking Station, to allow recovering a vessel (as opposed to Terminating it) when possible.
  • Recovering vessels makes its crew available again, while Terminating kills them.
  • The 'Space Center' button now allows you to leave flight at any time, warning when necessary about saving restrictions.

Progress Tracking

  • The game now tracks your progress as you play, providing essential data for the upcoming Career Mode features.
  • Progress data is (optionally) uploaded to our servers,


  • Improved the in-game shadowing to enable shadows at much larger distances.
  • Added several new parts from the KSPX pack as stock content.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Scenario Modules now properly save and load when the rest of the game saves and loads.
  • Scenario Modules can now have multiple target scenes set.
  • Improved the internal logic for switching to nearby vessels, it shouldn't refuse to switch with valid vessels nearby anymore.
  • Added a system to attempt upgrading incompatible save files if/when possible.
  • Tweaked PQS on other planets and moons to not initialize until approached. Improved performance a bit.
  • Added a new system on PQS to clamp terrain subdivision while moving very fast. Orbiting low near the surface is a lot smoother now.
  • Many more small tweaks and improvements.