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Delta Wing

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Delta Wing
Part image
Wing by
C7 Aerospace Division
Cost (total) 600.00 Fund
Mass (total) 0.20 t
Drag 0.02
Max. Temp. 2400 K
Impact Tolerance 15 m/s
Research Advanced aerodynamics.png Advanced Aerodynamics
Unlock cost 6400 Fund
Since version 0.15
Part configuration wings
Lift generated 2.0
Drag coefficient 0.6
Lift generated 2.0

The Delta Wing is a wing part which generates lift in an atmosphere. It is the largest wing in-game and provides the most lift of all conventional wings, not counting the FAT-455 and Big-S series wings. However, it is also the heaviest, so it may be a problematic choice on smaller craft, for which the Small Delta Wing may be better.

Product description

Standard Delta configuration wings. These wings provide high lift and a stable center of gravity for your everyday lifting needs.


  • New model and texture
  • Initial release