Protective Rocket Nosecone Mk5A

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Protective Rocket Nosecone Mk5A
Part image
Nose cone by
Goliath National Products

Radial size Medium
Cost (total) 160.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.12 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Advanced construction.png Advanced Construction
Unlock cost 2 500 Funds
Since version 1.8
Part configuration Size_1_5_Cone.cfg

The Protective Rocket Nosecone Mk5A is a size 1.5 cap that fits in the front of a rocket.


This nose cone can be used to minimise the drag of a 1.875m stack when facing directly prograde, potentially making rockets more stable and improving fuel efficiency.

Product description

A midsize nosecone that improves the aerodynamic profile for 1.875m rocket stacks.

Goliath National Products


  • Initial Release