Kerbodyne KE-1 "Mastodon" Liquid Fuel Engine

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Kerbodyne KE-1 "Mastodon" Liquid Fuel Engine
Part image
Liquid fuel engine by
Radial size Small, Medium, Large
Cost (total) 8 000.00 Fund
Mass (total) 5.00 t
Drag 0.2-0.3
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Impact Tolerance 15 m/s
Research Tech tree very heavy rocketry.png Very Heavy Rocketry
Unlock cost 32000 Fund
Since version 1.4.1
Part configuration LiquidEngineKE-1.cfg
Maximum thrust (1 atm) 1 283.61 kN
(vacuum) 1 350.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 290 s
(vacuum) 305 s
Fuel con­sumption 90.27 units of fuel/s

Thrust vectoring 5 °

Product description

Considered to be the behemoth of rocket technology, this propulsion system is the pinnacle of power.



As of version 1.4.1 this engine has three models that can be switched in the editor.

Full variant
Mid variant
Bare variant
The different variants of the engine


Real-world comparison

The engine was inspired by the American F-1 engine.


  • Decreased unlock cost from 135000 to 32000
  • Decreased cost from 22000 to 8000
  • Increased crash tolerance from 6 to 15
  • Increased EC generation from 3 to 8
  • Improved Isp
  • Added ModuleTestSubject
  • Initial Release