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Official release
Moar Boosters banner.jpg
Released 10/16/2019
Steam Steam Community
1.7.3 1.8.1

Version 1.8, named Moar Boosters!!!, is a major update that released on October 16, 2019.[1] An update for the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions were released alongside this major release.



  • Upgrade KSP to Unity 2019.2.2f1 version.
  • Standalone Windows build now uses DX11 Graphics API. Many visual improvements to shaders and FX.
  • Implement Unity Incremental Garbage Collection.
  • Implement new celestial body shaders and textures for Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Eve, Gilly.
  • Update Main Menu Mun terrain shader.
  • Add Terrain Shader Quality graphics setting.
  • Improve the TrackingStation load time.
  • Implement ability to edit Action Groups in flight.
  • Performance improvements to the VAB/SPH scenes.
  • Performance improvements in the flight scene.
  • Performance improvements in the Tracking Station scene.
  • Add ability to edit resource values in PAWs using the key input.
  • Add Warp to node button on dV readout in NavBall display.
  • Add enable/disable wheel motor Actions to all wheels.
  • Add ability to limit the maximum size of PAWs via settings.cfg.
  • Improve the Action Groups/Sets UI.
  • Add PAW_PREFERRED_HEIGHT to settings.cfg for players to set a prefered max height.
  • Made staging and docking UI available in map view
  • Pinned labels in map view now persist pinned even when leaving and re-entering map view
  • "Delete All" functionality for messages app has been implemented.
  • Improve the KSC grass and asphalt texture and shader to reduce tilling.
  • Improve textures for the VAB building on level one.
  • Model revamp for the level one and level two Research and Development nissen huts.
  • Increased precision for eccentricity in advanced orbit info display.
  • Upgrade VPP and improve wheel and landing leg function.
  • Expose global kerbal EVA Physics material via setting.
  • Add do not show again option to re-runnable science experiments.
  • Add actions for same vessel interactions functionality.
  • Implement per-frame damage threshold on destructible buildings.
  • Add vessel name title to flag PAWs.
  • Add a confirm dialog with the option of “Don’t display again” when a kerbal removes a science experiment data.
  • Disable Pixelperfect on UI Canvases to improve performance - available to configure via settings.cfg.
  • Increase precision for numerical editing of maneuver nodes.
  • Kerbal position on ladders and command pods improved.
  • Add ability for users to add their own loading screen pictures to the game.


  • Fix incorrect naming of The Sun.
  • Fix Action Sets text in VAB/SPH for some languages.
  • Fix Text in dV KSPedia pages in Japanese.
  • Fix Chinese Localizations.
  • Fix dV readout for Chinese language.


New Parts:

Updated Parts (reskinned):

Color Variants:


  • #bringbackthesandcastle - Fix the Mun sandcastle easter egg from not appearing.
  • Fix Maneuver editor so that the mouse wheel adjusts the node now in the contrary direction (same behavior as dragging down/up).
  • Fix a null reference error when player threw away a vessel with fuel flow overlay turned on in the editor.
  • Fix an input lock when switching between Editing the vessel and the Action groups menu.
  • Fix user created vessels disappearing from the vessel spawn dialog.
  • Fix the random selection of Mun vs Orbit scene when returning to Main Menu.
  • Fix input field rounding on Maneuver Node editor fields.
  • Fix a Null reference in the Editor when selecting a part and opening the Action Part Menu.
  • Fix pressing Enter key confirms the game quick save dialog.
  • Fix PAWs will now scale downwards from the header keeping more consistency on the fields.
  • Fix an input lock issue where some PAW buttons disappeared when editing a numeric slider field.
  • Fix Menu Navigation was missing in the quicksave dialog.
  • Fix Mini Settings had some items that would be skipped when navigating with the arrow keys.
  • Fix for remove from symmetry causing NRE in flight scene.
  • Fix the FL-A10 collider no longer mismatching its geometry.
  • Fix Control Surface and Aero Toggle Deploy Action not working in all situations.
  • Joysticks and gamepads on Linux are again recognized and usable.
  • Fix Action Groups UI and Color issues.
  • Fix the LV-T30 Reliant Liquid Fuel Engine ´s bottom attach node.
  • Fix a texture seam on the Probodobodyne Stayputnik.
  • Fix a z-fighting issue on the destroyed VAB at level 3.
  • Fix the Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank ´s bottom attach node.
  • Fix the concrete tiling texture of the SPH at level 3.
  • Fix a grass texture seam in front of the VAB at level 3.
  • Fix missing texture and animation on the level one Administration Building flag.
  • Smoothened Kerbal IVA expression transitions to avoid strange twitching.
  • Make the LV-TX87 Bobcat exhaust FX more appropriate.
  • Fix kerbal portraits when launching vessel with multiple kerbals in external command chairs.
  • Fix drills operating when not in contact with the ground.
  • Fix thrust center on the Mainsale engine.
  • Add bulkhead profile to LV-T91 Cheetah, LV-TX87 Bobcat, RK-7 Kodiak and RE-I12 Skiff.
  • Fix re-rooting of surface attach nodes.
  • Fix kerbal IVA expression animations transitions.
  • Fix shadows at KSC and in flight.
  • Fix "sinker" warning during game load
  • Fix super long Map Transition when lots of vessels in the save
  • Fix overlap in vessel type information window.
  • Fix a Null Reference when copying parts with alternative colours.
  • Fix an error where the custom crafts were not loaded in the Load Craft dialog after navigating the tabs.
  • Fix a null reference when clicking the Remove Symmetry button on some parts.
  • Motorized wheels no longer keep generating torque even when the motor is set to ‘Disabled’
  • Re-centered an off center scrollbar in the mini settings dialog.
  • Rebalance decoupler, MK1-3, MK1 lander can, MK2 lander can, separators costs, crash tolerances, weight.


  • Target framework now .NET 4.x.
  • DXT3 DDS formatted textures are not supported by Unity or KSP any more. You must convert to DXT5.
  • Added UIPartActionWindow.UpdateWindowHeight to allow mods to dynamically set the PAW max height
  • MapviewCanvasUtil.GetNodeCanvasContainer created as more performant method than MapViewCanvasUtil.ResetNodeCanvasContainer. Use the rest one only when you need to force a scale reset
  • ModuleResourceAutoShiftState added that can be used for startup/restart of parts based on resource availability.
  • VesselValues are now cached per frame. Can use ResetValueCache() to reset the cache.


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