Mk2 Command Pod

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Mk2 Command Pod
Part image
Command pod by
C7 Aerospace Division

Radial size Medium
Cost (total) 2 800.00 Funds
Mass (total) 1.56 t
Drag 0.3-0.2
Max. Temp. 2200 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 14 m/s
Research Flight control.png Advanced Flight Control
Unlock cost 4 000 Funds
Since version 1.4.1
Part configuration Mk2Pod.cfg
Command module
Pitch torque 5.0 kN·m
Yaw torque 5.0 kN·m
Roll torque 5.0 kN·m
Electricity required for torque
Crew capacity (maximum) Crew
(required) Crew
Electric capacity 200.0 
SAS level × None

The Mk2 Command Pod is a command module capable of housing two Kerbals during a mission.


Usually placed at the top of the rocket, the Mk2 Command Pod provides all functionality of a command module.

The Mk2 Command Pod features a tiny radial size node on top, typically used for attaching a Mk16 Parachute, and a medium radial size node on the bottom, the only command pod in the game with this size. The pod's crew hatch is outfitted with a small window through which an occupying Kerbal can look out during IVA.

New players (or those new to Making History) should note that unlike the Mk1 Command Pod and the Mk1-3 Command Pod, the Mk2 does not have integrated monopropellant storage space. However, the bottom of the pod has a hidden storage compartment on the side opposite of the crew hatches; it cannot be opened like a service bay, but it's large enough to house smaller radial parts like batteries (though the generous 200 electric charge stored in this part may partially or completely mitigate the need for them) or monopropellant tanks inserted via the VAB's offset tool.

Product description

Twin-seater for when a single Kerbal feels too lonely.

C7 Aerospace Division


Real-world comparison

The Mk2 Command Pod was inspired by the Gemini capsule.

The batteries in the service bay seen in the interior overlay view appear blue, unlike all other batteries in the game.


  • Increased ElectricCharge consumption from 0.02 to 0.25
  • Initial Release