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Default parts
Command Pods- Mk1 CockpitMk2 CockpitMk3 CockpitCommand Pod Mk1Mk1-2 Command Pod

Propulsion - Basic Jet EngineTurbofan EngineFL-T500 Fuel TankFL-T200 Fuel TankFL-T32 Fuel TankFL-T16 Fuel TankLV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine (Large)LV-T30 Liquid Fuel EngineLV-T45 Liquid Fuel EngineLV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Large)LV-909 Liquid Fuel EngineToroidal Aerospike RocketMark 55 Radial mount engineRT-10 Solid Fuel BoosterRT-B20 Solid Fuel BoosterFL-R25 RCS Fuel TankRV-105 RCS Thruster BlockLinear RCS Port

Command & Control - S.A.S ModuleAdvanced S.A.S ModuleAvionics PackageAV-R8 WingletStandard CanardAdvanced CanardStandard Control SurfaceSmall Control Surface

Structural & Aerodynamic - Aerodynamic Nose ConeAV-T1 WingletCircular IntakeDelta WingEAS-4 Strut ConnectorEngine NacelleFTX-2 External Fuel DuctNCS AdapterRadial Engine BodyRam Air IntakeSmall HardpointStandard NCStructural PylonStructural WingSwept WingsTail ConnectorTail Fin • • TR-18A Stack DecouplerTR-18A Stack DecouplerTT-38K Radial DecouplerTT18-A Launch Stability EnhancerTVR-1180C Mk1 Stack Tri-CouplerWing Connector

Utility & Scientific - Landing GearLT-2 Landing StrutMk16 ParachuteMk16-XL ParachutePegasus I Mobility EnhancerTelus Mobility EnhancerTelus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancer

Decals - Crew -


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