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== Product description ==
== Product description ==
{{Quote|This modern cockpit includes space for three crew members, and integrated RCS thrusters.|manufacturer=Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc}}
{{Quote|Many little Kerbals inside this one. Couldn't fit more.|manufacturer=Probodobodyne}}
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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KV-3 'Pomegranate' Reentry Module
Part image
Command pod by
Probodobodyne Inc
Radial size Small
Cost (total) 3 000.00 Funds
Mass (total) 2.27 t
Drag 0.15-0.2
Max. Temp. 2400 K
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Flight control.png Advanced Flight Control
Unlock cost 4 000 Funds
Since version 1.4.1
Part configuration Pods
Command module
Crew capacity (maximum) Crew
(required) Crew
Electric capacity 50.0 
SAS level × None
Heat shield
Ablator 20.0 units
Threshold temperature 500

The KV-3 'Pomegranate' Reentry Module is a Command Module housing one Kerbal crew member during their mission. It has a rounded shape, similar an onion or Stayputnik. Whereas the Mk1-3 Pod is based off of the Apollo command module, the KV-3 is based off of Vokshod (3 person variant).


Generally placed at the top of the rocket, the KV-2 Pea provides basic command module functionality.

It features a 0.625 m radial size node on top, typically used for parts like the Mk16 Parachute, docking ports, service bays, or SAS modules. On the bottom, it has a 1.25m radial node.

Notably unlike the previous pods, the KV-2 has a small integrated heatshield, no monopropellant, and no reaction wheels. The last one requires extra care in craft design, else a mission could be curtailed or lost due to limited control options. It is lighter than the other 3-kerbal pods.

Product description

Many little Kerbals inside this one. Couldn't fit more.



  • The part's CFG file suggests that this capsule was originally named "Tato".


  • Initial Release