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Official release
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Released 3/13/2018
1.4 1.4.2

1.4.1 is a bugfix update released on March 13, 2018 alongside KSP's first expansion: Making History.



  • Jet Engine Sounds.
  • Further Improvements to landed vessel ground positioning.
  • Vessel Naming is now enabled by default on the external command seat.
  • Improved suspension oscillations.


  • Revision of several translation strings for German, French, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Corrected Kerbal Parachute KSPedia page for Japanese being in a different language.


  • Fix Mk1-3 IVA model.
  • Fixes for drag cubes for new decouplers.
  • Fix drill animation.
  • Fix ISRU bug with core heat.
  • Re-introduced side piping to the Rockomax-64
  • Corrected wet/dry masses on the foil tanks
  • Removed the Entry Cost values for deprecated parts


  • Fixes music briefly playing in loading screens after exiting the Editor.
  • Fix parachute deployment when JetPack is active.
  • Fix ability to repack personal parachute where kerbal is on EVA with cut parachute.
  • Fixes to KSPedia loading order.
  • Fix variant themes being listed as a custom category.
  • Fix KSPedia not showing correctly on Linux.
  • Fixes parts with variants affecting equal child parts in some cases.
  • Fix Variant switcher icon in advance mode in the VAB/SPH editor.