How to make real rockets with making history

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Making History expansion comes with many parts that can be used to make rockets similar to real ones.

More instructions and craft files coming Soon

Saturn V

First Stage

First take the Kerbodyne Engine Cluster Adapter Tank.

Then place the Kerbodyne KE-1 "Mastodon" Liquid Fuel Engine on each of the 5 attachment points underneath the adapter (Make sure you change the mount to "bare").

Next take the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank and place it on top the the adapter.

Next place a TD-50 Decoupler on top of the tank.

Second Stage

Then put a EP-50 Engine Plate on the decoupler with room for the engines (you can change the size later if need be).

Take the RE-I2 "Skiff" Liquid Fuel Engine, place 1 in the middle of the shroud and then place 4 more around the middle engine (Change the mount to "bare").

Next place the Kerbodyne S4-256 Fuel Tank on top of the engine plate.

Now take a AE-FF5 Airstream Protective Shell (5m) and put it on top of the fuel tank. Do not build it yet.

Here you may use any decoupler other then the TD-50 Decoupler but the best one to use is the TD-25 Decoupler. Place it on top of the fairing.

Third Stage

Now take a RE-I2 "Skiff" Liquid Fuel Engine and put it on the Decoupler (It will look best if you choose the biggest mount).

Next put a Kerbodyne S3-7200 Tank on the engine and build the fairing to connect with the bottom of the fuel tank.

Done! You may now place what ever you like on top of it.

Apollo Spacecraft

Lunar Module

Descent Stage:

Ascent Stage:

Command and Service Module


First Stage


Four boosters, each consisting of:

Second Stage

Reference image




Habitation module

Titan II

First Stage

Start with a LV-TX87 "Bobcat" Liquid Fuel Engine.

Then add two FL-TX1800 Fuel Tanks.

Next add a TD-18 Decoupler.

(Optional: For improved handling at the cost of historical accuracy, add four Basic Fins to the bottom.)

Second Stage

Start with a LV-T91 "Cheetah" Liquid Fuel Engine.

Add a FL-TX1800 Fuel Tank.

Done! You may now place what ever you like on top of it.

Gemini Spacecraft

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