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Аппарат в полном составе совершил посадку на Мун.
Планетоход с выдвинутой антенной.

"Rover + Skycrane" - это шаблонный аппарат, состоящий из беспилотного планетохода с посадочным модулем в его верхней части.

Посадочный модуль

The landing module is propelled by 4 radially-mounted Rockomax 24-77 engines. Those are fuelled by one ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank and one Oscar-B Fuel Tank mounted on top of each other. Yet it doesn't have enough fuel on board for landing the rover from orbit in most cases, but it can be used for the last meters. There is only fuel for 6.4 seconds on full thrust in a vacuum available.Due to its high TWR, a possible solution for this is to stack 2 more Oscar-Bs on it, but any number of fuel tanks more than that will easily cause the craft to tip over at touchdown.

The landing module has no separate command module aboard making it slightly complicated to detach the rover and then discard the landing module. The required technique is to set a small amount of throttle (either insufficient to lift both rover and skycrane, or small enough that the rover does not rise high enough to be damaged by the drop), then immediately trigger the decoupler. Engines remain at the throttle set when decoupled from their command module, so it will fly away uncontrolled (assuming there's sufficient fuel remaining), and hopefully crash somewhere innocuous. The chances of it landing back on the rover are near zero, due to surface rotation and it being quite unlikely to actually fly on a completely stable vertical vector. Alternatively it can be just decoupled and the rover tries to "shake" it off, but the semi-violent driving required risks overturning the rover.

Although it is named Skycrane it doesn't use the same technique to place the rover like the sky crane did with Curiosity. It is not possible in the stock game to have two parts only connected with a tether so that the landing module has to touch down with the rover.


Планетоход сам по себе передвигается при помощи шести шасси "Модель S2" от "RoveMax". Он оборудован различными внешними датчиками. Восемь фотогальванических панелей "OX-STAT" расположены в верхней части и наклонены во все стороны, что обеспечивает достаточное электропитание.