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Rocket and probe design Cheat SheetBasic Rocket DesignBasic Probe And Satellite BuildingExploring The SystemIntermediate Rocket DesignAdvanced Rocket DesignAsparagus StagingRocket AssemblyWhat's with all the math?Recovering Rocket Stages
Orbiting/de-orbiting How to Get into OrbitBasic Orbiting (Math)Walkthrough for Ye Compleat BeginnerAdvanced OrbitingBasic DockingLand at the Space CenterPerforming a gravity assistCamera viewGeosynchronous Orbit (Math)Orbital Rendezvous Tutorial 1Orbital Rendezvous Tutorial 2Orbital Docking with the Kergena Target VehicleHow to meet objects in orbit
Plane and spaceplane design Basic Plane DesignFighter Plane DesignSpaceplane basics
Real-life missions Sputnik 1Vostok 1Gemini 6A & 7Luna 9Apollo 11Apollo 15Salyut programmeDeep ImpactInternational Space StationMars One
Career mode Basic Career Mode KnowledgeMaximizing the First Mission
Science mode Basic Science modeScience Mode Tutorial
Planets and moons Hopping around celestial bodiesTraveling to The MunFree Return TrajectoryTutorial:Mun Orbital StationBuilding a lunar baseTraveling to MinmusMinmus For BeginnersTraveling to EveReturning from EveTraveling to Duna and BackTutorial:How to get to Jool"Let's Fly!" Tutorial: Traveling to LaytheTake a Spaceplane to Laythe and BackHow to get to Eeloo
General information Orbital and physics termsTutorial:Action groupManeuver nodeOrbit darkness timeScienceTech treeTutorial:Installing Addons
Customization Modifing KerbalsCreate custom flags!Part TweaksChanging CFG FilesSharing craft files
Add-on development Making an asset from start to finishPluginsAdding Airlocks and Ladders to PartsEditing MBM TexturesKerbal to Pro: Modelling in 3ds MaxCommunity API Documentation
Unfinished/stubs Multifunctional rocketBasic SSTO DesignBasic OrbitingSpaceplane basicsDirect-Ascent Mun LandingKergena Target VehicleOrbital Rendezvous


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