Two-Stage Lander

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Two-Stage Lander - a lander for a single landing

The Two-Stage Lander is a stock craft that can land on celestial bodies with low gravity, and ascend to orbit again. It has no RCS ability, so it cannot dock. As a lander it is a kind of payload and needs a launch vehicle to reach the orbit, and a proper spaceship to reach the given celestial body's orbit too. Its mass is almost 12 tonnes.


Be the first to put a flag up on your favorite moon with this very sensible and mostly-survivable Lander Module. The first stage is meant to get it down to the surface, and can be jettisoned off for the ascent. Launch/return vehicle sold separately. Works best at low gravity and with no atmosphere around it.



The Two-Stage Lander has 2.1 km/s of delta-V - 1.3 in its lower stage and 0.8 in the upper stage (between the Sepratron Is and the central LV-909). This is enough delta-V to safely land on any solid body in the solar system (though adding parachutes and a heat shield is advised for landing on atmospheric bodies) except for Tylo, and enough to subsequently return to orbit from any of those except for Laythe, Kerbin, and Eve. However, it should be noted that the upper stage does not have enough delta-V to achieve orbit from the surface of Duna on its own, so be sure to save some fuel in the lower stage to use for the ascent.