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Official release
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Released 7/26/2018
Steam Steam Community
1.4.4 1.5

1.4.5 is a bugfix update released on July 26, 2018 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History expansion.[1]



  • Make mapnode behind body transparency configurable and improve behavior for pinned/hovered nodes (MAPNODE_BEHINDBODY_OPACITY in gamesettings).
  • Pop dialogs can now be closed/dismissed with ESC key.
  • Improvements to wheels/legs bouncing/sliding and oscillations. (Particularly when overloaded).
  • Removed pop-up which offers to delete incompatible saves and craft files and replaced with a pop-up which only warns of incompatibility when incompatible save/craft files are attempted to be opened.


  • Fix RnD Archives Biome Filter not showing spaces in biome names.


  • Fix populating steam items into the wrong tabs in the craft browser/play missions dialog if the user switches tabs whilst waiting for responses from Steam.
  • Fix Steam Workshop Craft will not download if deleted when subscribed to then resubscribed to when in the VAB.
  • Fixed a bug where EVA facial animations were corrupted when the kerbal was mid-air and a quicksave was loaded.
  • Fix settings showing for expansion when expansion not installed.
  • Fix log message text for gathering subscribed Steam Workshop craft files.
  • Handle steam item lists with correct Steam Workshop status in craft browser.
  • Save craft file before exporting to steam to persist Steam Workshop Item Id into the craft file that is shared on steam.
  • Update Steam Workshop Item Steam Author automatically in UI dialogs.
  • Fix wheel explosions on docking landed vessels.
  • Fix vessels jumping when docking landed to a large mass vessel.
  • Fix Engineers report not taking variants into account for size dimensions.
  • Fix Engineers report not showing correct part/mass/size restrictions when swapping between different level VAB/SPH using the switch editor button.
  • Fix Kerbal on EVA occlusion inside all cargo bays as well as when the enter/leave command seats inside cargo bays.
  • Revised the initial state of the Exploring Gilly scenario, so that vessels don’t bounce off the surface out of control on start.
  • Fix vessels splashed inside another splashed vessel being removed when outside physics bubble.
  • Fix undo in VAB/SPH not working when you delete all but the root part.
  • Fix Reentry FX on Fairings.
  • Adjust SRB Engine FX and Sparks.
  • Fix NRE on PQSCity if transform has not been parented to a CelestialBody.
  • Fix Aero FX appearing in IVA mode inside the models.
  • Fix a localization issue that caused the Station One scenario to be corrupted in asian languages.


  • Added localScale param and behaviour to EffectDefinitions: PREFAB_PARTICLE, PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE, MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE and MODEL_PARTICLE


  • Add distinguishing titles between Steam Workshop Author and in-game user supplied Author in UI.
  • Add warning messages for craft browser craft UI Steam Workshop items.
  • Add cloud available space and file count checks when exporting craft and mission files to Steam Workshop.
  • Add Steam Workshop subscribe/unsubscribe button to craft browser VAB/SPH tabs.
  • Better handling of Steam Workshop items that are not in a valid state to be used in dialog UIs.
  • Add option to delete in progress mission files when deleting a mission.
  • Add Unity Analytics dialog and link to the players Unity Privacy Data page for PII opt-out management.


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