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Official release
Released 5/1/2015
Announcement KSP 1.0.1 is Up!
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Version 1.0.1 was released on May 1st , 2015. The update is a small revision patch to address some of the most noticeable bugs encountered since the release of 1.0.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks


  • Temperature gauge system.
  • Vessels which are splashed will now have much higher convective coefficients making them cool to ambient temperature faster.
  • Removed node size from being taken into account for stack occlusion. Added custom drag cubes for remaining hollow parts.
  • Parachute heating/burning.
  • Fix for bug in FI dealing with unpacking vessels at analytic warp (>=1000) rates.
  • Fixed conduction on service bays. Added Module Conduction Modifier to help service bays not incinerate their contents & configs updated
  • Updated emissivity for spaceplane configs.
  • Lowered heat production on LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor.



  • New values for physics global drag and lift multipliers.
  • Added a CoP offset calculation to procedural fairings
  • Fix for the aero debug drag arrows switching directions. Added body lift arrows (cyan)
  • Fixed occlusion on mk2 docking port.
  • Fix for Laythe's atmosphere.

Solar panels

  • Solar panels now use the proper inv square from FI's solar flux.
  • Removed obsolete power curves from solar panels.
  • Rebalanced solar panels against each other.


  • Doing science at the flagPOLe, the north POLe, or the south POLe, will no longer mark Pol as visited with the progress tracker.
  • Science contracts and science World Firsts can no longer be triggered with science gained by reverse engineering recovered vessels. You have to transmit or recover an actual experiment.
  • Ensured that if a grand tour contract includes Kerbin, that Kerbin is chosen as the final stop on the tour.
  • Capped amount of recovery contracts that can generate, but increased caps on station and base to increase contract variety.
  • Fixed "On Wheels" optional side objective not triggering on outposts when utilizing the new fixed landing gears.
  • ISRU contracts round their capacities up, to handle cases where the player brings exactly enough resource capacity.
  • Use the word "spaceflight" instead of "flight" when appropriate, to prevent player mistaking certain things for atmospheric flight.
  • If the game cannot find an agent listed in the save file, it will pick a random agent.
  • Remove some debug information from survey waypoint generation.


  • Added Basic Fin.
  • Added RescaleFactor to the RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster (preventing a potential regression bug).
  • Removed the allowstack option from the NBS and orbital scanners to fix a bug if they were used as the root part.
  • Fixed an issue where the physicsSignificance flag was set to 1 for heat shields.
  • Added an option to clamp the lower bound of the deploy pressure of parachutes.
  • Adjusted parachutes to open at a slightly higher atmospheric pressure.
  • Fixed fairings not initializing their masses in flight properly.
  • Added module info section for fairings.
  • Rebalanced engine entry costs.


  • Moved all Part Loader part info code into a separate method which is run after drag cubes are loaded/created. Thus modules can access the part’s drag cube information in their info.
  • MapSO and CBAttributeMapSO methods made virtual and member variables protected.
  • Made physics-less part mass effect KB mass value.
  • Zero part count vessels will not be run through Flight Integrator.
  • Increased mass on some wings.
  • Fixed a nullref being caused when clicking between vessels and empty space in map view.
  • Vessels that blow up in atmosphere properly kill off their crew members.
  • Added Part temperature gauges/highlighting (toggle with F10).
  • Part temperature overlay can now be toggled with F11
  • Part aerodynamic forces overlay can now be toggled with F12