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Official release
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Released 4/10/2019
Steam Steam Community
1.6.1 1.7.1

Version 1.7, named Room to Maneuver, is a major update that released on April 10, 2019.[1] An update for the Making History expansion was released alongside this major release.



  • Upgraded Galaxy Textures.
  • Add new flight UI mode that includes in-depth orbital information.
  • Add advanced maneuver node editor, allowing player to edit maneuver nodes more precisely.
  • Add an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter. The altitude modes can be switched between AGL and ASL.
  • Part Action Windows (PAW)s now generate scrollbars and keep themselves within the bounds of the screen when there is more data than will fit the screen.
  • Automatic AGL/ASL toggle values when in orbit. The altimeter value is set as ASL while in orbit, the AGL/ASL setting is preserved.
  • The altimeter AGL behaviour when underwater calculates the vessel altitude from the sea floor.
  • Update Addons and Mods external site link from Main Menu.


  • A localization tag is no longer displayed in the status section of the PAW of the Advanced Grabbing unit in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 2 tutorial.


Updated Parts (reskinned):

Color Variants:

  • 24-77 Twitch (New "Orange" and "Gray and Orange" color variants)
  • LV-1 Ant (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)
  • LV-1R Spider (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)

Other Part changes:

  • Add a 3.75 nose cone.
  • Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS, Vernor.
  • Fix IVA external cameras in Mk1 Command Pod, Mk2 Lander Can, Mk2 Command Pod.
  • Fix EVA range on Cupola, HECS2, RC-001S, RC-L01 science containers.
  • Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. Parts revamped in 1.4:
    • TR-2V Stack Decoupler -> TD-06 Decoupler
    • TR-18A Stack Decoupler -> TD-12 Decoupler
    • Rockomax brand decoupler -> TD-25 Decoupler
    • TR-38-D -> TD-37 Decoupler
    • TR-2C Stack Separator -> TS-06 Stack Separator
    • TR-18D Stack Separator -> TS-12 Stack Separator
    • TR-XL Stack Separator -> TS-25 Stack Separator
    • ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank -> R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank
    • Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank -> same name
    • Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank -> same name
    • Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank -> same name
    • Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank -> same name
    • Mk 1-2 Pod -> Mk 1-3 Pod


  • Fix PQS normals, stops planets from having mismatched seams when seen from orbit.
  • Fix bug where symmetry would break animations on some parts.
  • Fix input locks on Return to KSC button at top of altimeter in flight scene.
  • Fix typographical error in the description of the vessel 'ComSat Lx'.
  • Fix typographical error in the Suborbital Flight training tutorial description.
  • Fix UI issue for purchase button on part tooltips.
  • Fix vessel default name in rename vessel dialog displaying as an autoloc.
  • Fix manufacturer localization on the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank.
  • Fix jitter in heading readout on Navball for vessels in prelaunch state.
  • Fix "Learn More" text exceeding size of window in the Asteroid Redirect scenario descriptions.
  • Fix flag decal on Male Kerbals Jetpack being off-center.
  • Fix Kerbal falling off the launchpad flagpole causing the flagpole to explode.
  • Fix bulkhead profile part filtering on MK-0, 2 & 3 fuel tanks, J-90 "Goliath", Communotron 16-S, RA-2, RA-15, and RA-100 relay antenna.
  • Fix thermal overlay rendering on parts that have lights.
  • Fix Debug tool saying LPE for orbit param when its applying Arg of Periapsis.
  • Fix Atmosphere line appearing from the surface of planets.
  • Fix Flags and Kerbals loading above terrain (flying) and flags being removed from game.
  • Fix NaN bug in DV calcs when in orbit around CBs with no atmosphere.
  • Fix site node waypoints duplicating every scene change.
  • Fix service bays unable to click parts inside after jettison when part loads.
  • Fix allow staging of interstage fairings after they are decoupled.
  • Fix Mk3 cargo bay registering collisions and blowing up parts of vessels inside them.
  • Fix Engine Plate handling in dV calculations.
  • Fixed UI scale issue where setting high scale in UI, navball and altimeter would clip off some elements.
  • Fix Kerbal helmet shadow rendering in "Simple" rendering setting.
  • Fix decouple node function on docking ports in space.
  • Fix shrouds being left attached to docking nodes when decoupled (now becomes separate debris).
  • Fix Responsiveness audio setting appearing in red text in settings menu.
  • Fix NRE on interstage procedural fairing in editor scenes.
  • Fix AOORE when Kerbal leaves a command seat on a vessel that has an active ISRU.
  • Fix issue where Delta-V app menu could become unresponsive in editor scenes.
  • Fix Navball, funds, science and reputation gauges disappearing when UI scale set > 170% on some resolution settings.
  • Fix NRE in resources app that could occur when moving the mouse over resources in the app.


  • Changed Animation behavior of ModuleDeployablePart, ModuleDeployableRadiator, ModuleDeployableAntenna and ModuleDeployableSolarPanel to be WrapMode.ClampForever instead of WrapMode.
  • ModuleDecouple and ModuleAnchoredDecoupler rebased to a common class - ModuleDecouple.
  • Add FXModuleAnimateRCS - handles emissives on RCS part modules.
  • Add EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped part shader.
  • Make class DoubleCurve annotate Serializable.
  • Fix version dependency checking for mods.


  • None at this time.


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