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Official release
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Released 4/27/2018
1.4.2 1.4.4

1.4.3 is a bugfix update released on April 27, 2018 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History expansion.



  • Log messages improved on startup.
  • Tweak camera system to reduce the green line over water.
  • Clicking on Launchpad and Runway no longer check/clear them of vessels until you click launch on the vessel launch dialog.
  • Vessel ground positioning for landed vessels improved (Default is true).
  • Added kerbal animations when parachute is deployed.
  • Added ability to deploy parachute when kerbal is in command seat so that players can create paragliders.
  • Default terrain settings for low detail have been increased to reduce terrain and object issues using this setting.


  • Fix display name for Crater Bay biome on Laythe.


  • Gave the white fairing a good washing - it is now a brighter white and more consistent with other similar shaded parts.
  • Adjusted the node size on the “Dawn” Ion Engine.
  • Decouplers will now properly remove their icon after staging


  • Fix an issue that was causing excessive drag in fairings.
  • Fix UI for Linux offset issues.
  • Fix Contracts parameter completion log and SMS App firing in all cases.
  • Fix suspension for wheels and legs when vessel coming off rails from bouncing.
  • Fix landing legs sometimes exploding on contact with ground.
  • Fix the context menu when single click on orbits lines allowing to set target.
  • Fix persistence of data when switching to unloaded vessel via map view.
  • Fix vessel MOI not being correct when control from here is not the root part of the vessel.
  • Fix reentry VFX being broken by parts which don’t have a scale of one.
  • Fix IVA overlay camera showing artifacts on high specular parts.
  • Eliminate possibility of having two tourist/recovery contracts with Kerbals with the same first name.
  • Fix for missions or saved games names containing invalid characters freezing the game.
  • Fix for music system to play tracks from the beginning when changing scenes. Music now also correctly pauses when game is paused.
  • Exclude parts with no crew capacity from recovery contracts.
  • Fix NRE on flagpole when SC buildings are destroyed.
  • Fix ground positioning on Tutorials and Scenarios that start with landed vessels.
  • Fix for KSC markers overlaying launch dialog on return from Astronaut Center.
  • Fix some Z-Fighting issues with the Rockomax 64 tank


  • Fix vessels disappearing from map view when procedural drag cubes are generated from root part.
  • Correct the order of text returned in ConfigNode.ToString.
  • Allow bypass of PatchedConics CheckEncounter log message for mods.
  • Add onWillBeCopied and onWasCopied to Part and PartModule class.
  • Improved difficulty settings scroll panel to accommodate many mod entries.