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Official release
1.3 Away with Words.jpg
Released 10/5/2017
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1.3 1.4

1.3.1 is a bugfix update released on 5 October 2017. [1]



  • Localization Texts updated.
  • KSPedia Localization texts and graphics updated.
  • Fix KerbNet localization strings.
  • Fix Number and time displays for localization.
  • Fix Lingoona library for Ubuntu Linux.
  • Localization Performance improvements.
  • Fix localization of Tutorials and Scenarios.
  • Fix localization of planet names in Science Reports.
  • Resource names on Mining contracts localized.
  • Removed lingoona Gender tags on Biome filters in RnD archives screen.
  • Texture update opening scene for Chinese.
  • Fix Profanity filter for Kerbal Names in Russian.
  • Fix Custom Category filters in SPH/VAB and localized some missing texts.
  • Fix tooltip for custom Category filters.
  • Fix incorrect text on engineer report for Antenna check.
  • Fix RnD archive biome filter for mini biomes showing lingoona gender tags.
  • Fix failed file deletion message when overwriting saves.
  • Fix grammar To the Mun P2 Tutorial for English.
  • Fix keyboard layouts overwriting EVA Light key from ‘U’ to ‘L’. Now U in all cases and G for Dvorak.
  • Fix key binding display on settings input dialog.
  • Fix locked facility dialog headings.
  • Fix format of MET display all languages.
  • Fix Flag naming dialog text positioning.
  • Add noun gender indicators to resource names in Russian.
  • Add localization for shielded parts PAWs in stock saves.
  • Fix Keyboard layout confirmation dialog to show correct punctuation keys when binding. A reset may be required for exisiting custom layouts.
  • Fix labels on settings menu for languages to fit.
  • Fix use of Lastly (all languages) for contract parameters.
  • Fix Engineers Report text alignment all languages.
  • Log Celestial Body periods in English in the game logs.
  • Fix punctuation position on Japanese and Chinese fonts.


  • Default setting for NavBall in Mapmode (default is not to autohide).
  • Default throttle setting to 0%.
  • Add ability to tweak endpoints of symmetry struts and fuel lines.
  • Improvements to symmetry tweaking in the editor scenes.
  • Add game clock to all KSC Facility Menus.
  • Game clock in all screens now shows the time in Gray when time is paused.
  • Add action groups for wheel motors and wheel steering.
  • Add the shadow fade fix from KSC scene to the editor scenes.
  • Change the near clipping pane on game camera so it doesn’t clip when zoomed in as much.
  • Add ‘Control from here’ to External Seat.
  • Add action group for ‘Control from here’ to ModuleCommand and ModuleDockingNode, External Seat and Grapple.
  • Exclude wheels from part recovery contracts as some are too hard to grapple.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the deploy/retract actions not showing for drills on custom action groups.
  • Fix UT/MET display in flight.
  • Fix control command persistence when changing to map view.
  • Fix delta time Part Thermal Flux calculations.
  • Timewarp indicator in all screens now shows no green arrows when time is paused.
  • Fix MK3 size 2 adapter collider.
  • Fix issue with compound parts inside fairings causing launched vessels to explode.
  • Change Settings UI text alignments to be centered.
  • Fix texture on VAB level 3 floor near the outer door.
  • FIx the tweakable end of compound parts not getting mirrored when moved.
  • Fix an incorrect text when a station contract gets completed.
  • Fix the toggles in the UI at the Main Menu stretching as much as they could.
  • Fix Flag on Sentinel Telescope Icon in VAB/SPH.
  • Fix Sun (stepping) movement in Flight whilst retaining sun shadows fix.
  • Fix opacity issue in editor scenes for unconnected parts.
  • Jetpack translation is no longer affected when an EVA Kerbal’s PAW is open and being dragged.
  • Kerbals can no longer EVA from inside fairings (but can from interstage fairings) to avoid exploding vessels.
  • Fix quicksaveload dialog when enter is used in the filename input box.
  • Fix Grab interaction msg for EVA kerbals when ladders are retracted.
  • Fix NREs on craft thumbnail creation - added filename sanitizing.
  • Fix Part highlighting in VAB/SPH interacting with Light Animations on parts.
  • Fix destructible building on Tracking Station Level 2 dish.
  • Fix Part highlighting for new and dropped parts in VAB/SPH.
  • Replace TrackIR with new implementation.
  • Fix Flight camera issues when active vessel crashes into the ground.
  • Fix Destructible Building error messages in log.
  • Disable Save on PauseMenu when active vessel is dead to avoid invalid save files.
  • Shadow tweak on buildings in KSC scene.
  • Fix issue with being able to add maneuver nodes to vessels without control.
  • Remove ability to create maneuver nodes with EVA Kerbals.
  • Fix an issue where an atmospheric resource harvester would not properly activate.
  • Fix Loading Scene picture swapping feature.
  • Fix Grass texture on level 3 RnD building.
  • Fix MPL cleaning experiments screen messages.
  • Fix Restart Warning text on main Settings Screen.
  • Fix Cannot Deploy while stowed messages.
  • Fix "Toggle Display" button on scientific devices.
  • Fix floor decal alignment level 2 SPH.
  • Fix Difficulty settings dialog height for all tabs.
  • Fix icon visuals on Contracts App when pausing during flight.
  • Fix empty craft name save expection in VAB/SPH.
  • Fix Tour contract kerbal gender log messages.
  • Fix RnD Archives Biome filtering.
  • Fix rotate and offset on compount parts in VAB/SPH.
  • Fix drill action groups.
  • Fix drill disable and mining when lost ground contact.
  • Improve vessel ground collision checks for landed vessels coming off rails (includes recovery contract parts that are landed).
  • Reduce stutter when flying fast and low over a planet.
  • Fix kerbal heading calculations - fixes swimming animation jitters.
  • Fix Duna Rock allows kerbals to climb and plant flags (no more ragdoll).
  • Turn on Goliath and Wheesley Exhaust damage.
  • Fix fairing shader not set correctly and overlaying engine FX.
  • Fix external command seat ejection.
  • Fix PAW actions and events ordering on pinned PAWs.
  • Fix NRE on Navball in IVA when doing scenarios and training.
  • Fix black line low over terrain (unfortunately re-introduces green line low over ocean).
  • Fix presence of .DS_Store file no longer marks save games as modded.


  • Restore CelestialBody.theName methods (marked as deprecated).
  • Fix Part Filter category names capitalization for mods.
  • Add property to CustomParameterUI to support Localization.
  • ModuleDeployablePart now finds all animations.
  • CelestialBody GetRelSurfacePosition now calling correct methods.


  1. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166184-kerbal-space-program-131-is-live/