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Official release
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Released 4/28/2016
Steam Steam Community
1.1 1.1.2

Version 1.1.1, is a minor update released on April 28, 2016.



  • Added FlightUI Element Scaling and Navball Position Slider.


  • Added auto-struts to every wheel, similar to fairing payload struts. They attach to the most massive part on the vessel. This prevents wheel suspensions from becoming unstable when the wheel is attached to a weaker part. (Attaching legs to pylons no longer causes vessels to bounce and/or break dance.)
  • Fix suspension distance and offset being inversely proportional to the rescaleFactor of a wheel. Fixes LT-1 and LT-2 leg suspensions actually getting smaller despite scale being larger, causing them to visually sink into the ground, and have shorter useful suspensions.
  • Some configuration tweaks suggested by GoSlash27 for the free and fixed landing gears have been integrated, which dramatically improve issues with instability on those gears. Thank you GoSlash27!
  • Fixed some model hierarchy issues with small and medium retractable landing gears, which fixes some odd suspension forces, an animation issue, and the inability to lock the suspension on these gears.
  • Raise the default integration substeps on wheels from 4 to 8, which should dramatically improve the accuracy of the wheel simulation without affecting performance too much.
  • Added separate settings for wheel integrator substep accuracy for active and inactive vessels, which can be tweaked in each wheel's part configuration, or globally from settings.cfg. Inactive vessels get slightly less accuracy to improve performance.
  • "No crash damage" cheat now prevents wheels from blowing up their parts due to gratuitously large impacts. It does not, however, prevent the wheel from entering the damaged state.
  • Halved the deflection magnitude of free and fixed gears, as they are technically much more rigid than other gears, but their lack of suspension travel makes them much more vulnerable to deflection stress, making them twice as tough.


  • Performed significant optimisation of performance intensive areas such as part attaching and dettaching.
  • Implemented general optimisation throughout editor.
  • Implemented automatic temporary symmetry when the logic expects the symmetry mode or method to be different. I.e when placing engines on tri-couplers in SPH using mirror mode. Fixes part initialization issues.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Made Kerbal Portrait and ScreenMessage lists public.
  • Show complete cost (base cost + module cost) in part tooltips in editor.
  • Add optional PQS shader using all mappings (for modders).
  • Tweak skin<->internal conduction, slightly increase internal max temps of Mk1 cockpits.
  • No longer spam the log when parsing plugin data.
  • Tweak default exhaust heating upwards slightly.
  • Change building impact damage to be based on kinetic energy by default, not momentum. Make damage configurable in Physics.cfg. Fixes an issue with building damage and wheels.
  • Improve orbit calculation when in 1x warp. Orbit info no longer flickers.
  • Show specified rather than calculated sea level temperature when viewing a planet's page in the knowledge base window in map view.
  • Add more checks (flameout or port disabled) to RCS's Torque Provider.
  • Optimizations to vessel stat-finding and orbital force calculations.
  • Add the missing extension method, uncomment the bits that needed it
  • Admin facility now with vertical scrolling.
  • Adjusted Career Widget Z Pos for higher scaling.
  • Restore part delete sound when deleting parts in editor.
  • Considerable tweaks to building damage to avoid wheels insta-popping them.
  • Renamed the editor filter for Surface Attach to Surface Attach Only to avoid confusion.
  • Optimized getGeeForceAtPosition to not recalculate things it shouldn't.
  • Increased stability in orbital calculation when off rails.
  • Added UI Element scaling for all in-flight UI elements.
  • Removed a fix for a 5.1.1 unity bug which had a unefficient complexity.
  • Check if the body has an ocean before checking if we're under water!
  • Removed text length on input device name.
  • Fixed NRE from Underwater Fog.
  • Fixed gigantor solar panel showing through the main craft.
  • Fixed a bug with science lab science/day display.
  • Fixed where the target could be unset in tutorials.
  • Fixed latitude not displaying in AeroGUI.
  • Fixed an issue where missing directories could break save/load.
  • Fixed an exception in Procedural Fairing interstages.
  • Fixed inability to timewarp near Jool.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed an issue with RequestResource on EVA kerbals.
  • Fixed an issue with the underwater FX applying even if the body does not have an ocean.
  • Fixed issue with decouple action firing jettison in ModuleJettison.
  • Fixed lab display rate to count scientist multiplier.
  • Fixed memory leak in part highlighter and attach node icon destruction.
  • Fixed inability to target things by using map context menu.
  • Fixed targeting being improperly locked in map view.
  • Fixed typo in science tutorial.
  • Fixed an oversight when computing duration/deadline text.
  • Fixed for NRE in UIPartActionController
  • Fixed colour tint on some parts.
  • Fixed multiple docking port joint weakness.
  • Fixed KSPedia page corruption from switching scenes.
  • Fixed issue with decouple action on jettison.
  • Fixed Ap/Pe flickering.
  • Fixed an issue where scientist bonus was counted twice in labs.