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Official release
1.3 Away with Words.jpg
Released 5/25/2017
Steam Steam Community
1.2.2 1.3.1

Version 1.3, named Away with Words, is a major update that released on May 25, 2017.[1]



  • Keyboard layouts for foreign keyboards in Settings Menu.
  • Localization of all text in game to Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese-Simplified.
  • KSP now reads the language from buildID.txt
  • Debug menu option to log missing Language tags (which is persisted in settings).
  • All fonts are loaded regardless of selected language to assist in save file language switching and sharing.
  • Resize PAW menus to fit languages.
  • Resize Tutorial dialogs to fit languages.
  • Add ability to scroll KSC facility upgrade stats when hovering over the upgrade button.
  • Add new debug tool to show Localization tags instead of translations.
  • Add Resource name display in staging, PAW and Resource App will change to Abbreviations if too long.
  • Add Resource name tooltips to staging, PAW and Resource App for abbreviated resource icons.
  • Add scroll sections to KSC Facility Upgrade stats in Facility pop-up windows.
  • Add button to reload the Localization texts dictionary in the debug menu.
  • Add hibernation info page to KSPedia.


  • Compound parts can be selected from both ends.
  • Updated the strut model so the connector does not intersect with the mesh.
  • Contract back stories have been changed/enhanced.
  • GUI control for changing Local/Absolute attachment and editing reference.
  • GUI control for changing symmetry mode.
  • Change Science Containers to pull from experiments before other science containers.
  • Increased the size of the PAW title bar and pin button.
  • Ambient light adjustment.
  • Asteroid Day Mod merged into stock.
  • IVAOverlay now has keyboard shortcut - Modifier + ChangeCamera (Alt+C in windows).
  • Upgraded TMPro.
  • New PAW pin icon.

Bug fixes

  • Fix logic error in craft list dialog in editor scene.
  • Fix grammar error in FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank description.
  • Fix MPL functions to only work with Scientist trait.
  • Fix Runway Seams T2 and T3.
  • Flatten the T1 Runway out.
  • Fix Flagpole to Astronaut Center and remove upgrade/downgrade/destroy errors.
  • Fix the math on the ShipConstruct Stage Count.
  • Fix to highlighter Brightness not getting set on entering flight scene.
  • Docking mode indicators corrected.
  • Fix From The Mun tutorial: heatshield on RV jettison via staging.
  • Fix Terrain seams issue (parity with 1.1.3).
  • Fix Radiators on Asteroids.
  • Fix Drill status on Asteroids.
  • Add Craft name limit to VAB to prevent save issues with file name. Configurable via VAB_CRAFTNAME_CHAR_LIMIT
  • Fix RnDTechTree refresh not updating un-purchases nodes after purchasing.
  • Fix Aero GUI window NREs on scene change.
  • Fix costs for Upgrade nodes being applied in TechTree.
  • Fix upgraded parts to now display upgraded stats in TechTree and Parts picker in VAB/SPH.
  • Fix upgrade modules not displaying correctly in expanded part tooltips in TechTree and Part picker.
  • Fix number of kerbals counter in KSC vessel markers.
  • Fix Tree shaders - shadows.
  • Fix an issue where resource system catch-up mechanics would not work due to physics causing vessels to ‘hop’.
  • Fix an issue where overriding a converter’s AutoShutdown property was not working.
  • Fix to the way vessels were named on Kerbal Rescue contracts.
  • Fix launch site blocked dialog not clearing on vessel spawn dialog.
  • Fix green line appearing in water.
  • Fix shadows of buildings in KSC scene.
  • Fix manuever node errors for some situations where node is in the past and conics become invalid.
  • Fix gaps in shadows on KSC buildings.
  • Improved flickering Sun shadows in flight mode on all objects.
  • Fix cases for old maneuver nodes with invalid patched conics.
  • Fix part highlighters showing landing lights flares.
  • Fix part icons to exclude flags and include lights.
  • Fix Launchpad tower light to shine on correct Unity Layers.
  • Fix Currency Widgets disappearing at large scales.
  • Fix for StageLock persisting between games.
  • Fix floor decals in level 2 VAB.
  • Fix to wait for physics easing before updating vessel status.


  • Localization class added for Localization string processing.
  • Fix reflected KSPModule attribute on PartModule.
  • Added GameEvent onCommandSeatInteractionEnter which fires before a Kerbal enters/leaves external command seat.
  • Added a mod hook in for science values.
  • Add public accessors to MapView MapNodes for modders.
  • Event for Kerbal name change (to match with type/status change events).
  • Some object renames for clashes with Unity classes
  • Add public accessor to instance of tutorial dialog
  • Propellent.displayName added for localization.
  • Resource definitions now have displayName field.
  • FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyDisplayName() is the localized equivalent of FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyName()
  • Vessel & Protovessel displaylandedAt is the localized equivalent of landedAt string.
  • Vessel.SetLandedAt() - added two new optional input variables.
  • CustomParameterNode.LocalizedSection added.
  • Added displayseatName and displayseatIndex to InternalSeat Node.
  • CelestialBody has had several variables added and removed for localization.
  • CBAttributeMaps have also had variables added for localization.
  • ResearchAndDevelopment.GetExperimentSubject has a new optional displaybiomeID.
  • ResearchAndDevelopment.GetBiomeTagsLocalized added.
  • ScienceData.displaytitle added for localization.
  • Vessel.displaylandedAt field added for localization.
  • Add an extra parameter on the GenericAppFrame method to receive a displayName separated from the logic.
  • Add GameEvent onFairingsDeployed when fairings deploy.
  • Add IscalarModule to ModuleJettison and public Enumerator for DragCubeSystem.
  • Atmospheric and Exospheric harvesters can now make use of an optional Intake Transform (this can be set via the ‘intakeTransformName’ field.
  • Add GetExperimentBodyName to ScienceUtils to API for mods.


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