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Official release
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Released 2/27/2020
Steam Steam Community
1.9 1.10

1.9.1 is a bugfix update released on February 27, 2020 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions.



  • Fix Drain Value Resource Names Localization in PAWs.


  • Fixed an NRE when the warning "Warning No Control!" and player was able to click another facility while the dialog is open.
  • Fix altimeter dropdown in flight from being locked under certain incorrect conditions.
  • Fix some issues on Kerbin texture atlas for Ultra Detail Shader.
  • Fix broken propellant tooltips for abbreviated propellant names in stage icons.
  • Reverted Wheel Friction and Brake changes to 1.8.1 behaviors.
  • Fix Ground physics material settings for EVA kerbal interactions. Stop that sinking feeling.
  • Fix for kerbal helmet safety not being applied after cheating a vessel to airless world
  • Fix unable to drag maneuver nodes on future patched conics.
  • Fix Set position cheat overheating vessels set into position within an atmosphere.
  • Fix error in Intake air resourceDefinition config that marked it as drainable.