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Official release
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Released 6/21/2018
Steam Steam Community
1.4.3 1.4.5

1.4.4 is a bugfix update released on June 21, 2018 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History expansion.[1][2]



  • Improve wheel suspension micro-oscillation and sliding.
  • Added steam controller profiles for officially supported controllers (XB1, PS4) as well as a generic profile for HOTAS-like joysticks.
  • Added Steam Workshop support for craft files.
  • Added Steam cloud support for saves (Career, Science and Sandbox) and craft files, as well as helper files.
  • Increase PQS cache on startup and performance improvements.
  • Added vessel position data to debug menu.
  • Updated map nodes to be visually different when behind a celestial body.
  • Added version display in game to include installed expansion versions.


  • Localization string changes for German.
  • KSPedia updates for German.


  • ModulePartVariants now supports cost and mass modifiers for variants. Note that if this is added to existing variants, the mass of crafts in flight will be preserved at the old value. Only new vessels are affected.


  • Fix smoke plume VFX issues across all smoke types.
  • Fix missing Jetpack EVA jets for rotation groups in all suits.
  • Fix Rapier Smoke plume.
  • Fix splashdown VFX being on wrong world axis.
  • Fix splashdown VFX being under the surface.
  • Fix Smoke VFX velocity being changed by engine input (ie once its emmited its in the world space).
  • Fix lower quality reentry VFX not displaying.
  • Fix reentry VFX being too compacted.
  • Fix reentry VFX showing from hidden side of vessel (ie. showing through the vessel).
  • Fix various other VFX emitter issues: Flameout VFX, SRB Engine flame VFX, Explosion VFX
  • Fix screen resolutions list in the main KSP game settings.
  • Fix timing issue in startup of cargo bays sometimes occluding parts they shouldn’t.
  • Fix parachute breaking RCS when P is pressed while kerbal is EVA in space.
  • Fix Gilly and Bop scaling in map mode.
  • Fix Kerbal (EVA) occlusion inside cargo bays, fairings, etc.
  • Fix Resource contracts unable to complete (in non-English games) due to localized resource name being persisted in saves.
  • Fix Craft Thumbnails not rendering when tall launchclamps in use.
  • Fix Tylo crater biomes.
  • Fix launch site display being unlocalized in tracking station widgets.
  • Fix fairings and shroud displacement when switching to vessels.
  • Fix open URL calls so that Steam doesn’t think KSP is still running once shutdown and a URL link has been opened.
  • Fix advanced tweakables in PAW to correctly display all text in Asian languages.


  • Allow ScenarioModule’s to start at MainMenu scene.


  • Added internal ability to filter and display game settings by DLC Expansion.
  • Removed Red Shell.


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