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Official release
Away With Word Mk2.jpg
Released 3/6/2018
Steam Steam Community
1.3.1 1.4.1

Version 1.4, named Away with Words MK-II, is a major update that released on March 06, 2018.[1]



  • Upgrade to Unity 2017.1.3p1
  • Switch directly between VAB and SPH
  • EVA Chute - Kerbals of Level 3 and above have a personal steerable chute
  • Advanced Mode added to Messages App - Toggled via Settings menu.
  • Added Launchsites to the Map View and Filter
  • Engine Sounds updated
  • Particle Engine Upgraded to Shuriken.
  • VesselNaming - new method to attach naming information to command modules so you can prename portions of a vessel


  • Four new languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian
  • Added support for Portuguese keyboard layout
  • List of bugfixes
    • Facility names are now displayed localized in unable to launch dialogs.
    • Resource names now display localized in screen messages and apps.
    • Debug and settings menus are now fully localized.
    • Localized pop-up warning when transmitting experiment data from parts that become inoperable if data is transmitted.
    • Fixed unlocalized grammar connectors (and, or, of, etc) coming up unlocalized in Contract descriptions.
    • Textbox size adjusted in various UI elements to account for localized text.
    • Fixed long vessel names bleeding through the UI in KSC vessel marker dialog.
    • Overall revision of display names for parts.
    • Overall revision and improvement of autolocs and grammar rules.
  • List of KSPedia Fixes and Improvements
    • Corrected a wrong key binding that was displayed in the EVA controls section.
    • Localized key binding UI.
    • Localized example images for most pages.
    • Properly set symbols that were showing up as HTML encoding.
    • Overall grammar and syntax check.
  • Lingoona upgraded to v1.5.6
  • TextMeshPro Updated
  • Localized Debug Screen
  • Fix localization of KSC vessel markers
  • Fix Localization of Facility names and strings
  • Fix localization on sub assembly UI.
  • Fix localization on category filters.


New parts:

Updated Parts (changed part files):

Replaced Parts - old parts hidden but still included for continuity of saves. They will be deprecated at a later date


  • Parts can now have variations like textures and models
  • The variants can be grouped in Themes

Other Part changes:

  • Adjustments to Xenon and Monoprop capacities on stock tanks
  • Parts and Vessels now have a PersistentID that lives with them for their entire life
  • Add TechHidden attrib to AvailablePart so parts can be hidden from R&D


  • Fix alignment of external scenery in VAB/SPH scenes.
  • Fix runway not appearing outside the SPH doors when inside the SPH.
  • Fix a bug in Warp to Next Morning.
  • Add guard clauses to detect invalid flightstate on vessel launch returning to the editor.
  • Fix applicant hiring costs appearing in games that don’t have funding enabled.
  • Improve vessel Jumping/positioning coming off rails.
  • Fix asteroid seed causing them to change shape.


  • Make dragpanel edge offset configurable
  • GameEvents added: onKerbalAddComplete, onKerbalNameChanged, onKerbalTypeChanged, onKerbalStatusChanged, onVesselPersistentIdChanged, onPartPersistentIdChanged, OnGameSettingsWritten, OnScenerySettingChanged, OnExpansionSystemLoaded, onPartUndockComplete, onPartCoupleComplete, onPartDeCouple, onPartDeCoupleComplete, onVesselDocking, onDockingComplete, onPartVesselNamingChanged, afterFlagPlanted, OnPQSCityOrientated, onEditorVesselNamingChanged, onEditorVariantApplied, onVesselRecoveryProcessingComplete.
  • DictionaryValuesList updated to expose the list as well as the dictionary


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