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Official release
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Released 6/12/2019
Steam Steam Community
1.7.1 1.7.3

1.7.2 is a bugfix update released on June 12, 2019 alongside a bugfix update for the Breaking Ground expansion.



  • Redesign the Action sets icon during flight to make the current action number more visible.
  • Made engine thrust limit, and cargo bay deploy limit, and control surface and airbrake authority limits bindable to axis groups.
  • MainThrottle axis can be bound, but only in absolute mode.


  • Fix shadow casting string not displaying correctly if player doesn't have the Breaking Ground Expansion.
  • Localize the strings for the Axis Actions in the Settings under the vessel Tab.


  • Fix kerbal flags clipping into backpacks.
  • Fix lowest part of vessel calculations for Wheels when coming off rails.
  • Fix localisation for survey waypoint contract objectives.
  • Fix NRE in maneuver node editor.
  • Fix PAW displayDirty not working in the editor.
  • Fix symmetry counterparts (bow-tie) autostrutting.
  • Fix cutoff string in recovery science report screen.
  • Fix null reference on ship load when parts have changed their attach nodes.
  • Fix missing string in Absolute Control / Incremental Control tooltip.
  • Fix science value of repeat experiments.
  • Fix EVA portrait clipping in some situations.
  • Fix EVA portrait texture being transparent.