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Official release
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Released 10/29/2019
Steam Steam Community
1.8 1.9

1.8.1 is a bugfix update released on October 29, 2019 alongside a bugfix update for the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions.



  • Fix missing Chinese characters on main menu.
  • Fix missing units in the Maneuver editor UI in Chinese.
  • Fix a few dV KSPedia slides showing corrupted characters in Russian.
  • Fix autoloc instead of vessel name appearing in target set screen message.


  • Fix game settings being reset every time game is started.
  • Fix Linux mousewheel scroll direction.
  • Fix bug with interstage fairings not occluding everything within.
  • Fix the mk3 shuttle cockpit lights.
  • Fix duplicating module info on part extended tooltips in editor and RnD scenes.
  • Fix shroud shading on disconnected sub-assemblies in editor scene.
  • Fix FloatEdit and ScaleEdit UI prefabs.
  • Fix KSC vessel markers becoming too persistent and not leaving the game when switching between buildings at the KSC until game is restarted.
  • Fix NREs in Portrait Gallery when kerbals die in flight.
  • Fix T-100 fuel tank clipping on surface attach node.
  • Fix kerbal helmet/heads becoming unclickable when on ladders.
  • Move the CB cast shadows game setting to the graphics section of settings where it should have been.
  • Fix Easter eggs, monoliths, randoliths not receiving CB shadows.
  • Fix parts still being considered shielded from airstream after deploying a fairing in some use cases.
  • Fix Action groups icon not appearing in Editor scene when switching between facilities with different upgrade level.
  • Fix Altimeter and Staging tumblers disappearing at some scale values.
  • Fix walk paths around Level 3 R&D building. This includes texture artifacts for the Linux version.
  • Fix material artifacts in level1 and level 2 grass tiles.
  • Fix error when pressing undo while holding a radial symmetry part.
  • Fix Ocean on Eve.
  • Fix DragCube generation discrepancies in partdatabase - was affecting drag and thermals.
  • Fix NRE in editor scenes when reverting from flight and using transform gizmos.


  • FloatEdit and ScaleEdit PAW prefabs fixed.