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Official release
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Released 10/15/2018
Steam Steam Community
1.4.5 1.5.1

Version 1.5, named Dressed for Success, is a major update that released on October 15, 2018.[1] An update for the Making History expansion was released alongside this major release.



  • Optimized the game for 4K resolution and increased the UI scale to 200%
  • Added higher impact tolerance to retracted solar panels.
  • Deployable parts now use separate value for their impact resistance when retracted.
  • Implemented a new version of the kerbal suits for the base game. This includes IVA suits for recruits and veterans as well as EVA suits.
  • Revised the behaviour of asteroids within Kerbin's SOI and gave them better VFX.
  • Added a "What's New" dialog to the main menu, where you can quickly see the highlights of the release as well as the full change log. (you're probably reading this from that very dialog).
  • Improved Burn Time information on Maneuver nodes. Includes correctly calculated burn time and Stage Information; Burn bar indication when vessel does not have enough DeltaV to perform the maneuver.
  • Staging of docking ports now available in flight. Changing staging of docking ports allows the player to change the Delta-V of the vessel for docked vessels which changes the Burn Time Information on Maneuver nodes.
  • Kerbals can now be placed in external command seats in the VAB/SPH.
  • Wheel suspension now has auto spring/damper to combat bouncing wheels. This can be turned on and off via Advanced Tweakables per wheel (in symmetry).
  • Added a Burn Time Indicator slide to KSPedia.
  • In editor (VAB/SPH) switch symmetry mode back to what it was set to after hovering over a node.
  • Allow pinning of PAWs and resource transfer for highlighted parts from Resources App.
  • Implemented new text for agent descriptions and mentality.


  • Fix lingoona gender tags in resource names in PAWs.
  • Localization of bulkhead size and other automatic search string tags.
  • Fix Community localization feedback for the Fly Through? Node pt.2.
  • Fix Community localization feedback for fly through Node pt. 2 in Japanese.
  • Fix German community localization feedback for "Schwerkraft mindern", changed to "Sanfte Schwerkraft Aktivierung".
  • Did a general grammar and lexical pass on KSPedia.
  • Localized Debug menu UI titles.


Updated Parts (reskinned):

Color Variants:

  • Mk1 Command Pod (New "Dark", "White" and "Gray and White" color variants)
  • Mk1 Command Pod (New "Dark", "White" and "Gray and White" color variants)
  • RoveMate (New "White", "Silver" and "Gold" color variants)
  • FL-T100 (New "Black and White" and "Orange" variants)
  • FL-T200 (New "Black and White" and "Orange" variants)
  • FL-T400 (New "Black and White" and "Orange" variants)
  • FL-T800 (New "Black and White" and "Orange" variants)
  • RT-5 Flea (New "White" and "Yellow" variants)
  • RT-10 Hammer (New "White" and "Yellow" variants)

Other Part changes:

  • Some parts now take advantage of the new "Bumped Specular (Mapped)" shader which achieves significantly better metallic reflections.
  • Fix issue where engine shrouds were becoming offset on vessel focus.
  • Improved OKTO and OKTO2 mesh colliders to fit them better.
  • Improved Stayputnik attach node positions to make better contact with other parts.
  • Rotated the RoveMate ninety degrees to make it match with its Navball orientation; also added 4 new attachment nodes to the sides.
  • HECS rotation fixed - rotated 30 degrees. - NB:This does rotate the control orientation for old vessels using this part.
  • Fixed Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank normal map alignment issue.


  • Fix issue where incorrect tooltip icons were being displayed in the R&D scene.
  • Fix icon blurring for flags, icons, tutorial images (and more) at different texture settings.
  • Fix mini-biomes persisting after touching one and then moving vessel away from it.
  • Fix mini-biome structure detection around the KSC.
  • Fix log spam and messages related to stock launch sites if Making History DLC is not installed.
  • Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged via the Part Action Window.
  • Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged separately.
  • Fix transparent materials in Part Picker Icons.
  • Fix Gigantor XL panel when using Undo in editor.
  • Fix transparent materials showing in part highlighting in editor.
  • Fix for ship orbit line not rendering when burning straight from a physics bounce on flight load.
  • Music volume settings are now applied as soon as the player leaves the settings menu in the KSC.
  • Ambient noise in KSC and VAB/SPH is now controlled by ambient volume setting and not the music setting.
  • Fix music problems when switching between VAB and SPH.
  • Remove Gender on Resource Display Name in PAW.
  • The game no longer locks up when attempting to create a save file, vessel or mission using a reserved DOS name.
  • Fix for Kerbal EVA's clipping through vessel model when forcefully dismounted from an external command seat.
  • Fix for auto localization keys coming up in the target icon when a vessel with a localized name was targeted and moused-over.
  • The sun flare no longer shines through Jool.
  • Fix for reentry VFX disappearing when the camera is far from the vessel.
  • Fix for asteroids not displaying reentry VFX.
  • Fix bug where kerbal parachute lifting surfaces weren't active when loading a quicksave.
  • Fix camera positioning on entering editor scene/loading vessel to show vessel correctly.
  • Fix bulkhead filter strings to work for all valid sizes.
  • Fix when the user attempts to write a ship description and a part is selected in te VAB/SPH - the hotkeys for the part will still trigger if pressed.
  • Fix in the editor-based tutorials, Werhner's window overlaps the ship so you can't place parts.
  • Fix hard points reporting the wrong stage to the StageManager.
  • Fix wheel friction being applied incorrectly based on Celestial Body G. Stops sliding on slopes.
  • Fix wheel suspension bouncing.
  • Fix exploding landing legs when docking/undocking.
  • Fix landing legs applying massive spring setting when fully compressed.
  • Fix Engine plates now show short as their first variant choice.
  • Fix Stations in orbit contract parameters now complete as they should.
  • Fix Map nodes, Maneuver nodes and other elements display correctly when changing the UI Scale while playing.
  • Fix Part filters with size 1.5 not being filtered when selecting size 1.
  • Fix double carets displaying in some Scenario text descriptions.
  • Fix log error removing wheel debris.
  • Fix error in docking tutorial when player unsets target vessel.


  • ModuleDeployablePart now has KSPField impactResistanceRetracted.
  • ModuleWheelSuspension now has KSPField maximumLoad.
  • Added IsUIShowing property to UIMasterController.


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