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Official release
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Released 7/11/2019
Steam Steam Community
1.7.2 1.8

1.7.3 is a bugfix update released on July 11, 2019 alongside a bugfix update for the Breaking Ground expansion.



  • Added same vessel part collisions advanced tweakable.
  • Adjusted KerbalEVA Action messages to be above center screen.
  • Made KerbalEVA screen position configurable via Gamesettings - EVA_SCREEN_MESSAGE_X,EVA_SCREEN_MESSAGE_Y
  • Add ability to switch secondary docking ports (docked) to primary via the PAW.
  • Add advanced tweakable to docking ports that allows the user to set the attraction force percentage as they are docking.
  • Convert same vessel docking connections to real docked connections whenever the vessel undocks or decouples elsewhere on the vessel.
  • Remove from symmetry functionality added to all parts.
  • Add capability for text entry on float fields in the Part Action Window.
  • Clear some references on returning to main menu to release memory.
  • Add ExternalCmdSeat Ejection Force (advanced tweakable).
  • Add Leave Seat KSPAction.


  • Fix Contracts using Greek alphabet from failing to display when game set to Russian Language.


  • Fix maneuver node tabs being interactable in flight mode even when tabs are hidden.
  • Fix temperature renderer messing with child part renderer parameters.
  • Fix EVA portrait when launching a vessel with Kerbal in external command seat.
  • Fix kerbal highlighting during mouse over.
  • Fix radiator panels not rotating properly.
  • Fix loss of axis and extended action group data when copying parts in the editor.
  • Fix assigned action/axis bindings not highlighting in action group editor when action sets are enabled.
  • Fix part positioning errors on vessel spawning far from Unity Origin.


  • Part class now has isVesselEVA property which handles when vessel is null.
  • Add ability to override default flow mode on ModuleResource.
  • Add activeEditor attribute to BaseAction to allow these to be disabled.
  • Add GameEvent onPartActionNumericSlider when Numeric Slider button is pressed on a PAW.
  • Add GameEvent onSceneConfirmExit, runs after user input to leave scene prior to FlightState saving.