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Beta release
Released 11/4/2022
Steam Steam Community
1.12.3 1.12.5

Version 1.12.4 is a bugfix update that was released on November 2nd, 2022. This bugfix focused on broken references in the tutorial, such as the Swivel not being available after the model re-vamp in v1.12.



  • Fix Alarm Clock input fields ignoring configured custom day/year lengths.
  • Fix Basic Flight tutorial.
  • Fix Go For Orbit tutorial.
  • Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial.
  • Fix Advanced Construction tutorial.
  • Fix Sub Orbital tutorial.
  • Fix Craft Browser not showing the Hopper in Intermediate Construction tutorial.


Starting the game through Steam now opens the Private Division launcher. "Will serve as a resource for news and updates about KSP & KSP 2 Early Access. In addition, you will be able to give feedback through the launcher once KSP 2 has been released into Early Access."

Private Division Launcher, introduced in KSP1 v1.12.4