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출시일 2014-12-15
공지 Kerbal Space Program: Beta Than Ever is Now Available
스팀 스팀 커뮤니티
0.25 1.0

버전 0.90.0는 2014년 12월 15일(월요일)에 배포되었습니다. 이 업데이트는 "Beta Than Ever"라는 부제(副題)로 알려져 있으며, 그 의미는 "가장 베타버전 같은" 내지 "일찍이 없었던 최고의 베타 버전" 정도가 되겠군요. 말마따나 0.90.0은 현재까지 최초의 베타 배포판인 것은 틀림없습니다.


기체 조립화면 개편 (편집기)

  • 접합기준점(offset)과 회전 도구 추가 (키보드의 23 단축키 사용).
  • 사령선 변경(re-root) 도구 추가 (4 단축키 사용).
  • 편집 좌표계(Gizmo coordinate system)를 절대좌표(absolute)와 구역좌표(local)로 변경 가능 (F 단축키 사용).
  • 회전과 접합기준점 도구 역시 걸쇠 격자 방식(snap grid)이나 3차원 격자 방식(3D grid)으로 변경 가능.
  • 편집기의 걸쇠(Gizmo snap)는 좌표계(coordinate frame)를 어떤 것으로 선택하느냐에 따라 절대 격자 방식(absolute grid)과 구역 격자 방식(local grid)으로 선택하여 지정할 수 있습니다.
  • 마우스 커서를 해당 부품에 위치시키거나 편집도구를 선택하고 시프트 키를 누르면, 각도 걸쇠(앵글 스냅 혹은 angle snap)를 5°(15°부터)씩 줄일 수 있으며, 접합기준점 편집도구(offset gizmo)의 격자 걸쇠(grid snap) 간격도 마찬가지 입니다.
  • 90°나 5° 씩( Shift) 회전시키는 WASDQE 단축키는 여전히 작동하며, 피치, 요와 롤 회전에 좀 더 긴밀하게 작동되도록 개선 되었습니다.

기체 조립화면 개편 (부품 목록)

  • 부품 목록 화면 전면 수정.
  • 목록 분류기능 추가 : 부품 검색시 기존의 분류 목차 외에 새로운 방법을 추가하여 검색 할 수 있음.
  • 기존의 분류는 '기능별'By Function 분류기능으로 개편됨.
  • 추진체 종류(Propulsion category)는 엔진(Engine)과 연료통(Fuel Tank)으로 세분화.
  • Added part filters which list them based on the resources they contain/use, their manufacturers, the modules (functionalities) they implement or their corresponding tier on the technology tree.
  • Custom filters and subcategories can be created and edited for user-made collections of parts.
  • Parts list can be sorted by size, cost, mass and name (default)
  • Subassemblies can be sorted and arranged into custom categories.

기체 조립화면 개편 (기타)

  • 조립동(VAB)과 격납고(SPH)는 동일한 배경화면을 사용.
  • Editor Logic fully overhauled and rewritten using the very reliable KerbalFSM framework used for character animation and many other systems in the game.
  • Most editor Keyboard inputs are now remappable.
  • All Craft files can now be cross-loaded in the VAB and SPH.
  • Crew assignment is now fully persistent during construction, including detached parts.
  • Vastly improved placement logic for angle-snapped parts.
  • Symmetry methods can be toggled between Radial (VAB) or Mirror (SPH) using the R Key
  • Radial Symmetry coordinate frame can also be toggled with F key.

우주단지의 건물 개량기능 추가

  • All KSC Facilities can now be upgraded through levels (currently 3 levels implemented for all facilities).
  • Added new models for KSC facilities at each level.
  • KSC Facilities now start at level 1 (in Career Mode), and can be upgraded to top level separately.
  • Upgrading Facilities costs Funds, lots of Funds.
  • Repair Cost of destroyed structures varies depending on facility level. (Higher-Level Facilities are more expensive to repair)

우주단지의 건물 개량 효과

  • 조립동(VAB)/격납고(SPH)
    • 사용 가능한 부품 수 증가
    • 기초 및 사용자 지정 액션그룹 사용 가능
  • 발사대(Launchpad) / 활주로(Runway):
    • Increase Mass Limit for launched vessels
    • Increase Size Limit for launched vessels
  • Tracking Station
    • Unlock Patched Conics in Map View
    • Unlock Unowned Object Tracking
  • Astronaut Complex:
    • Unlock EVAs off of Kerbin's surface.
    • Increase Active Crew Limit
    • Unlock Flag-Planting during EVA
  • Administration Facility:
    • Increase Active Strategy Limit
    • Increase Strategy Commitment Limit
  • Research and Development:
    • Increase Max Science Cost Limit
    • Unlock part-to-part Fuel Transfer
    • Unlock EVA Surface Sample experiment (requires EVA on Astronaut Complex)
  • Mission Control:
    • Increase Max Active Contract Limit
    • Unlock Flight Planning (Requires Patched Conics in Tracking Station)

우주단지 (기타)

  • All KSC Facilities in all levels are destructible (except level 1 runway and level 1 launchpad, which are indestructible).
  • Hold ^ Ctrl while Right-Clicking over KSC Facilities to display 'extra' options concerning upgrade levels.
  • Expanded Context Menu for KSC Facilities, to allow upgrading and viewing the current (and next) level stats.
  • Hovering over the Upgrade button on the Facility Context Menu will display stats for the next level.
  • Space Center ground sections and Crawlerway change levels based on level of neighboring facilities.
  • The Flag Pole in front of the Astronaut Complex will change levels based on the average level of all KSC Structures.

건물 내장

  • Editor scenery now loads independently of the editor scene.
  • Exterior Scenery (out-the-door view) loads based on current editor Facility (VAB or SPH)
  • The KSC as seen from the editor facilities will change to reflect current level and destruction state of visible facilities outside.
  • Interior Scenery loads based on current editor Facility and Facility Level.
  • Added new 3D interior scenery for Level 1 and 2 Vehicle Assembly Building and Space Plane Hangar
  • Added new 2D interior backdrops for Level 1 and 2 UT of the Astronaut Complex, archives tab in the Research and Development, Mission Control and Administration Facility

부품 (Mk3 Spaceplane Set)

부품 (기타)

  • Struts and Fuel Lines now use a common base system called CompoundPart.
  • New CompoundPartModule base class added to provide functionality for parts based on CompoundPart.
  • Added CModuleLinkedMesh CompoundPartModule, handles the mesh objects connecting between both ends of a CompoundPart.
  • Added CModuleStrut, creates a physical Joint between both ends of a CompoundPart
  • Added CModuleFuelLine, creates a fuel re-routing between both ends of a CompoundPart.
  • LandingGear and Rover Wheels 'Invert Steering' option now changes to 'Uninvert Steering' when inverted.
  • Part-to-Part Resource Transfer now possible between more than 2 parts. (In/Out options will push/pull from all other selected parts evenly)


  • Kerbals now have Skills they can develop.
  • Kerbals now gain experience after returning from missions.
  • Kerbal Experience is needed to level up crew skills.
  • Added Scientist Skill. Scientists increase recovery value of collected data, transmission value of uploaded data and the lab boost factor (when manning a lab).
  • Added Engineer Skill. Engineers are able to repair broken parts like Rover Wheels and repack parachutes.
  • Added Pilot Skill. Pilots provide SAS features at various levels. Basic SAS is available as long as at least one pilot is aboard.
  • Crews in the Astronaut Complex can now be sacked (if available) or given up for dead (if missing).

자동평형장치(SAS) 개편

  • SAS is no longer available in any vessel for free. A pilot or an operational SAS-cabable probe core are needed for SAS to be available.
  • Level 0 pilots and basic probes provide basic SAS functionality (kill rotation)
  • Higher level pilots and more advanced probes provide new Autopilot Functions.
  • Added new Autopilot System featuring 8 modes:
    • Stability Assist (Basic SAS)
    • Prograde/Retrograde Hold (Level 1 Required: Automatically orient and maintain attitude towards prograde or retrograde vectors.
    • Radial In/Out, Normal/Antinormal Hold (Level 2 Required): Automatically orient and maintain attitude towards R+, R-, N and AN vectors.
    • Target/Anti-Target Hold (Level 3 Required): Automatically orient and maintain attitude towards the selected target.
    • Maneuver Hold (Level 3 Required): Automatically orient and maintain attitude towards the first upcoming maneuver's burn vector.
  • AP modes respect the current reference frame on the navball (surface, orbit or target).
  • Overhauled the existing ModuleSAS part module so it acts as a SAS provider in any level.
  • Removed ModuleSAS from all parts except probe cores.
  • Tweaked the R&D tech tree progression for all probe cores.
  • Tweaked costs and descriptions for all probe cores.
  • Probe cores set up with progressing levels of SAS service.

새로운 계약 (Arsonide의 Fine Print 모드)

  • Added asteroid redirection contracts.
  • Added surface outpost construction contracts.
  • Added orbital station construction contracts.
  • Added satellite deployment contracts.
  • Added survey contracts at specified locations on the map.
  • Fine Print contracts revised and overhauled with new graphics and to follow Career progression.
  • Fine Print contracts unlock based on KSC Facility level when applicable.
  • Existing contracts also revised to better follow progression of KSC facilities.
  • Existing and new contracts revised to be configurable.

새로운 지형(Biome)

  • Added new Biome Maps to all celestial bodies.
  • Over a hundred new biomes available in total.
  • Added cheat menu option to visualize biomes in map view.


  • Added a one-page 'Welcome Intro' tutorial module to all newly-started games.
  • Added new Edge Highlight visual effect when hovering over part icons on the staging UI, or when selecting a new root part or choosing a part to transfer crew to.
  • Added new Tooltips for several UI controls in the Editor, R&D, Flight and many other areas.
  • Added new ESA flags.
  • Improved some of the Loading Screen images.
  • Added new Craft Stats app to Editor toolbar, to display ship information like part count, total mass and size.
  • Craft Stats app icon will turn orange if any limit is exceeded for the current editor facility level.
  • Added new sound fx for gizmos and re-root in editors.
  • Added new destruction FX for all new facility models.
  • Added EditorBounds system to define part spawn point, construction boundaries, camera starting position and bounds for each editor interior.

오류 수정 및 조정

  • KSPScenario 'Remove' creation options now work.
  • Added new PreSAS and PostSAS callbacks to vessel API.
  • Revised VAB and SPH camera behaviour so they stay within scenery bounds as best they can.
  • Overhauled time-of-day system for KSC emissive textures. All facilities light up at night. (except ones without lights, like lvl1 runway)
  • Fixed several issues with destructible building persistence.
  • KSC grounds grass shader now uses worldspace UV coords for consistent tiling.
  • KSC grounds grass shader now enforces vertex normals to smooth out the transition between PQS and KSC terrain.
  • Linux version now forces thread locale to 'en'. Solves most issues with installs in foreign locales.
  • Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo (ctrl+Z, ctrl+Y) in the editors.
  • Tweaked sideslip factor in landing gear (was much too strong).
  • Increased Mk55 Engine's ISP and gimbal range.
  • Fixed an issue with part rotation and placement using Mirror symmetry.
  • Fixed issues with symmetrical 'subgroups' after attaching a parent part using symmetry.
  • Re-saved all stock craft so they are fully compatible with this version.
  • Existing craft files from previous versions will require re-saving in the editor before they are allowed to launch in Career Mode, to calculate size data.
  • Crew auto-hire will respect Astronaut Complex crew limit.