Structural Intake

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The Structural Intake is a air intake which supplies jet engines with intake air and is naturally radially mounted; for some time the ability to attach the StrutCo Cubic Octagonal Strut radially has allowed for functionally radial mounting of intakes designed for node attachment to the ends of fuel tanks.

Compared with the less streamlined looking XM-G50 Radial Air Intake, the Structural Intake suffers from having less than half the intake area (0.0025 vs 0.0060) while massing the same dry.

This intake was included in the Spaceplane Plus mod which was integrated into KSP 0.25.

Product description

This intakes adresses those sometimes absurd contraptions thet SSTO engeneers designed in an attempt to pump more and more air into their engines.

C7 Aerospace Division


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