LV-1R "Spider" Liquid Fuel Engine

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LV-1R "Spider" Liquid Fuel Engine
Part image
Liquid fuel engine by
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co
Radial size Radial mounted
Cost (total) 120.00 Fund
Mass (total) 0.02 t
Drag 0.2
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Impact Tolerance 7 m/s
Research Precision propulsion.png Precision Propulsion
Unlock cost 1750 Fund
Since version 0.21
Part configuration liquidEngineLV-1R
Liquid fuel engine
Maximum thrust (1 atm) 1.79 kN
(vacuum) 2.00 kN
Isp (1 atm) 260 s
(vacuum) 290 s
Fuel con­sumption 0.14 units of fuel/s

Thrust vectoring 10 °
Testing Environments
On the surface ✓ Yes
In the ocean ✓ Yes
On the launchpad ✓ Yes
In the atmosphere ✓ Yes
Sub orbital ✓ Yes
In an orbit ✓ Yes
On an escape ✓ Yes
Docked × No
Test by staging ✓ Yes
Manually testable ✓ Yes

The LV-1R "Spider" Liquid Fuel Engine is the radial version of the LV-1 "Ant" Liquid Fuel Engine. It has, together with the LV-1, the lowest thrust for a liquid fueled engine in the game. Only the PB-ION Electric Propulsion System has a lower thrust. It also has a low specific impulse and moderate thrust-to-weight ratio. The radial configuration allows for a greater variety of mounting points.

Product description

Adapted to appease engineers who were outraged at the puniness of the LV-1, the radial mounted LV-1R offers an appealing solution: "Just add more". Point away from face.


  • Gimbal increased from 8° to 10°.
  • Cost increased from 150 to 650 (and made meaningful)
  • Thrust increased from 1.5 to 4 kN.
  • Initial release