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Small Nose Cone

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Small Nose Cone
Part image
Nose cone by
C7 Aerospace Division
Cost (total) 180.00 Fund
Mass (total) 0.01 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 2400 K
Impact Tolerance 40 m/s
Research Tech tree aerodynamics.png Aerodynamics
Unlock cost 1800 Fund
Since version v0.15
Part configuration cones

The Standard Nosecone is a size 0 cap that typically fits to the front of a NCS Adapter.


This nosecone has a lower drag coefficient than most parts, potentially making rockets more stable. With KSP's new drag model, nosecones improve the drag of a rocket stack.

Product description

An aerodynamic nose cap.

Change History

  • Improves stability of craft while in atmosphere
  • Gained physical significance
  • Initial Release