EVA Parachute

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EVA Parachute
Part image
Cargo item by
Found lying by the side of the road
Cost (total) 10.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.00 t
Drag 0.1
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Volume 10 l
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Start.png Start
Unlock cost 0 Funds
Since version 1.11.0
Part configuration Parachute.cfg

The EVA Parachute (also known as Personal Parachute) is a paraglider-type chute.

Product description

This Kerbal-sized ram-air parachute is perfect for saving intrepid pilots from a mis-considered aircraft design, or hijinks involving the top of the VAB and a hopeffuly functional autopilot. Why should Kerbals put their trust in something that was found lying by the side of the road? Well, because there wasn't a Kerbal-shaped crater next to it!

Found lying by the side of the road


A Kerbal flying over Kerbin Highlands using a rogallo wing.

The parachute can be opened via the part menu or by pressing the P key. When the parachute is deployed, you can control it using the W(Pitch down), A(Yaw left), S(Pitch up), D(Yaw right) keys. The chute somewhat acts like a hanglider, gliding down, picking up speed unless you use W to slow down during flight.

The deployment altitude and minimum atmospheric pressure can be changed in the same way as a normal parachute, including the ability to cut and repack your chute. As of 1.5, there are no other types of EVA parachutes, nor pre-flight influence over their settings inside the editor.

In career mode, your scientists and engineers must have at least 1 star to use EVA parachutes. Pilots can always use their parachutes. (Prior to version 1.6.0, all kerbals needed 3 stars before they could use the chutes).

As 1.11, the parachute is now an inventory item that kerbal must carry (but still requires a pilot or a 1-star kerbal). It weights 4kg but counts in the total ship's mass, especially if multiple kerbals are on board.


  • The EVA Parachute is now a cargo item that must be carried by kerbals, but it still requires a pilot or a 1-star kerbal to be used
  • Pilots or 1-star kerbals can parachute (3-star before)