2HOT Thermometer

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2HOT Thermometer
Part image
Environmental sensor by
Probodobodyne Inc

Radial size Radial mounted
Cost (total) 900.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.01 t [N 1]
Drag 0.2 [N 1]
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 8 m/s
Research Engineering 101.png Engineering 101
Unlock cost 2 500 Funds
Since version 0.18
Part configuration sensorThermometer.cfg
Experiment Temperature Scan
Electricity required 0.0075 ⚡/s

  1. 1.0 1.1 The mass and drag are from the part config, but the game handles it massless/dragless.

The 2HOT Thermometer displays temperature at up to four significant figures when activated; the reading is displayed in Kelvin. When playing in career mode, it is available with Engineering 101, at the second tier of the technology tree.

Basic Information and History Updates

The 2HOT Thermometer is a part that can measure the temperature of the surrounding environment in Kelvin. The 2HOT Thermometer has existed in the game (Kerbal Space Program) since KSP 0.18. However the part gained functionality in KSP 0.22.


The 2HOT Thermometer can record temperatures and the values can change when exposed to certain things. The temperature values can change when the ship attached to is generating heat, exposed to atmospheric entry, or entering a celestial body hotter than space. The temperature read out can also change when exposed to sunlight. However if it get too close to The Sun or Kerbol the readout will not increase. Throughout, your flight of your craft the thermometer's readout will constantly change.

Interactions in Career and Science Mode

The 2HOT Thermometer can be manually unlocked in career or science mode (Already unlocked in sandbox mode). The part can be unlocked once the player has unlocked the Engineering 101 tab in the Research and Development building. The part costs 900.00 Funds and can generate science. However this can be done manually or through action groups.

Shape, Drag, and Tolerance

The 2HOT Thermometer has a mass of 0.01 tons. Placing on your craft can cause 0.2 drag. However the part has an unknown volume. However due to its size it is probably not that large (relative to a Kerbal it is tiny). The small thermometer can handle 1,200 Kelvin and has an impact tolerance of 8 meters per second (8 m/s). Any higher and it will explode.


The 2HOT Thermometer has a texture of a thermometer with labels on it saying "Hot" and "Cold" with different colors going up or down. On the texture it also has a thermometer filling 1 of the sections.


The manufacturer if the 2HOT Thermometer is Probodobodyne Inc.

Electricity Consumption

This experiment will consume 0.0075 electric units per second (0.0075 ⚡/s)

Did You Know?
  • You can reduce the temperature displaced on the craft using radiators.

Product description

This thermometer is definitely not a store-bought model with some wires stuck to it. Warranty void if an engineer admits it's actually a store-bought model with some wires stuck to it.

Probodobodyne Inc.


  • Changed tech from Basic Science to Engineering 101.
  • "PhysicsSignificance = 1" added. The part now has 0 mass and drag, despite the listed values.
  • Added functionality
  • Initial release