TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler

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TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler
Part image
Adapter by
O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises

Radial size Small
Cost (total) 2 000.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.18 t
Drag 0.3
Max. Temp. 2000 K
Impact Tolerance 12 m/s
Research Advanced metalworks.png Advanced MetalWorks
Unlock cost 4 200 Funds
Since version 0.21
Part configuration stackQuadCoupler
Outgoing connectors 4
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The TVR-2160C Stack Quad Coupler is an adapter that was added in version 0.21 in KSP. The Quad Coupler is useful in many ways, having more nodes then any other coupler (For now).


What could be more awesome than a Tricoupler? Why, a quadcoupler, of course. Just remember that it is not a decoupler, and will not separate stages.

-O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises


  • Initial release