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This page is a translated version of the English page Small Gear Bay. The translation is approximately 13% complete.

Малое шасси LY-10
Изображение детали
Шасси от
{{lang ​|en=LightYear Tire Company ​|fr=Pneus LightYear ​|it=Aeromodelli e Prodotti Cartacei Kerlington
ru=Машилин Тайрз ​|zh-cn=光年轮胎公司 }}
Размер Установленный радиально
Стоимость (полная) 600,00 Funds
Масса (полная) 0,05 т
Аэродинамическое сопротивление 0.2-0.3
Макс.температура 2600 К
Объём детали  ?
Ударная прочность 50 м/с
Технология Advanced landing.png Посадка
Стоимость разработки 3 800 Funds
С версии 0.15
Конфигурация модуля GearSmall.cfg
Retractable Да
Brake torque 4.0 kNm
Steering range 30.0
Max. speed N/A м/с
Electricity used N/A ⚡/с

Малое убирающееся шасси - выдвигающееся шасси, которое в основном используется в атмосферных самолетах или на других объектах, которые должны катиться.


The wheels allow planes to roll instead of slide and explode. They can also be used to create rovers that can drive on planet surfaces. Since 0.18, landing gear come with electric lights, but the light doesn't drain energy.

Despite the game presenting them among the rover wheel parts in the VAB, there are some important differences between them. The landing gear wheels do not have traction motors or steering, so vehicles using them must have some other means of acceleration and heading control. As planes have jet or rocket engines this is of minor importance for the most common usage. On the other hand, since they are designed to support planes during their takeoff or landing runout, they can withstand vastly higher ground speed than rover wheels with over 200 meters per second without become damaged.

Unlike landing legs, landing gear mass is not counted by the physics engine as of 0.19.1. This is similar to that behavior of struts and fuel lines.

In the future the landing gear might get the ability to turn, to allow sharper turns on the ground.[1] This has been confirmed by HarvesteR for update 0.23[outdated], stating that one could make landing gear steerable from the beginning of flight by use of the tweakables system coming in that update as well.[2]


« Высококачественное шасси для приземления, разработанное для использования в атмосфере.

C7 Aerospace



  • Добавлены электрические огни
  • Первый выпуск


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