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These all use the {{sandbox version}} of the {{Navbox}} (and subsequently {{Navbar}}) code; please ensure that all of them look correct here before saving sandbox tests to the live template.

Additional test cases from Wikipedia are included, but disabled using {{Void}}, as they link heavily to Wikipedia content. They are left in, but disabled, for convenient access to them when making significant changes to the template. They provide a wide range of test cases for occasional use. Please do not save the testcase template with them enabled, only use them with MediaWiki's "Show Preview" functionality.

Kerbal Space Program Wiki tests

{{Demo parts}}






{{Stock craft}}






Basic tests

Subgroup tests

Container tests

Style tests

Group width tests

Using new groupwidth parameter

Navbar and state tests

Titlegroup tests

Missing parameter tests

Row striping tests

Additional tests

  1. Test margin with references
  2. Second reference
  3. Third reference

Using Navbox with columns / Navbox with collapsible groups

Span hack

Lists with in-list images

Horizontal/plain lists