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LV-T30 "リライアント" 液体燃料エンジン
Liquid fuel engine によって
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co
接続サイズ M
コスト (合計) 1 100.00 Funds
質量 (合計) 1.25 t
空気抵抗 0.2
耐熱温度 2000 K
耐衝撃性 7 m/秒
開発技術 General rocketry.png 一般ロケット工学
開発導入費 3 200 Funds
バージョンから 0.7.3
Part configuration liquidEngineLV-T30
Liquid fuel engine
最大推力 (1 atm) 205.16 kN
(真空) 240.00 kN
比推力 (1 atm) 265 秒
(真空) 310 秒
燃料流量 15.79 Units of fuel/秒

推力偏向 × いいえ

The LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine is the first liquid-fuel engine available in career mode. It is an engine which requires fuel from external liquid fuel tanks, and must be either connected beneath them or be on the receiving end of a fuel line.


The LV-T30 is the first liquid fuel engine with controllable throttle. This makes it very useful for precise, controlled maneuvers and conserving fuel. They are not placeable on Radial Decouplers and are typically reserved as a main engine after liftoff. The LV-T30 must be directly below a non-empty liquid fuel tank to produce any thrust. Even after introduction of the gimballing LV-T45 Liquid Fuel Engine, more powerful LV-T30 remained the best solution for the parts where power is more important than controllability, like the first liquid stage (however, in this case winglets or gimballing engines of a parallel stage are necessary for controlling the rocket)




Pre-0.18 appearance.
  • Electricity production increased to 7.0
  • Retextured and remeshed
  • Alternator added, engine now gains 1.0 electricity
  • Major CFG revision (most notably Isp added)
  • (Bug fix) Liquid Engine particle effects responding to engine cutoff
  • Initial release