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== Trivia ==
== トリビア ==
* There is a photo of two [[Kerbal|Kerbonauts]] on the right side of the cockpit.
* 右側壁面に[[Kerbal/ja|]]2人組の写真が貼られている。
* A few sticky notes can be found as well:
* 船内にいくつか付箋メモが貼られている。:
|Left the emergency slide rule in the bottom right cabinet.<br>B.K.<br>P.S. I ate all the snacks
|Left the emergency slide rule in the bottom right cabinet.<br>(右下のキャビネットに非常用の計算尺を入れといた。)<br>B.K.(B… Kermanより)<br>P.S. I ate all the snacks(追伸、おやつは全部食べといた。)
|On the roll indicator}}
|Stop using bits of metal as fuses<br>YOU HAVE <u>SPARES!</u>
|Stop using bits of metal as fuses<br>(適当な金属片をヒューズ代わりに突っ込むのはやめろ)<br>YOU HAVE <u>SPARES!</u>(スペアを持ってるだろうが!)
|On the fuse box}}
== 変更点 ==
== 変更点 ==

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PPD-12 キューポラ
Command pod によって
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co

接続サイズ M, L
コスト (合計) 1 600.00 Funds
(乾燥) 1 588.00 Funds
質量 (合計) 0.98 t
(乾燥) 0.94 t
空気抵抗 0.2
耐熱温度 2000 K
Volume  ?
耐衝撃性 8 m/秒
開発技術 Tech tree large control.png コマンドモジュール
開発導入費 10 200 Funds
バージョンから 0.20
Part configuration cupola.cfg
Command module
ピッチトルク 9.0 kN·m
ヨートルク 9.0 kN·m
ロールトルク 9.0 kN·m
定員 (最大) Crew
(必要) Crew
一液式推進剤 10 Units of fuel
電力容量 200.0 
SASレベル × なし

The PPD-12 Cupola Module is a Command Module housing one Kerbal crew member during its mission. It is inspired by the Cupola module of the International Space Station.


Inside panorama view on Kerbin
The Cupola Module's main purpose is to provide a good outside view from space stations or bases. It is very heavy (even heavier than the three-Kerbal Mk1-2 Command Pod), fragile, and has higher drag than most other parts, making it a poor choice for lighter rockets. It does have relatively high energy capacity, but this can be acquired by other, less mass-intensive means.


The PPD-12 is one of the few parts in Kerbal Space Program that is covered in multi-layer insulation.



  • 右側壁面に2人組の写真が貼られている。
  • 船内にいくつか付箋メモが貼られている。:
Left the emergency slide rule in the bottom right cabinet.
B.K.(B… Kermanより)
P.S. I ate all the snacks(追伸、おやつは全部食べといた。)


Stop using bits of metal as fuses
YOU HAVE SPARES!(スペアを持ってるだろうが!)



  • Cost increased from 2000 to 3200 (12 of which is monoprop cost)
  • Added 10 units of monopropellant storage, increasing total mass from 4.5 to 4.54
  • Initial Release